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      CloudApper Role Specific Attestation is a real-time employee attestation solution for UKG customers. It is an affordable alternative to UKG ready & UKG Dimensions attestation. This solution interfaces seamlessly with UKG Ready and Dimensions, synchronizing employee data and role-specific information to collect employee replies properly and trigger automatic actions based on customizable processes. Cloudapper Role Specific Attestation simplifies ongoing compliance and helps managers monitor employee attestation status and run reports to identify trends.

      For example, Employees with a supervisor role or type will be reminded of specific actions related to their job duties when punching in or out, such as picking up keys, returning them or if an employee attempts to punch in early, the system may question them as to why they are not using their given time. This information may assist businesses in determining the employee’s early return. This ensures that employees meet their responsibilities and stay on track with their tasks.

      In addition to custom messaging, Role Specific Attestation Works with any off-the-shelf Android or iOS mobile or tablet device. This allows businesses to easily monitor and track employee attendance and ensure all tasks are completed as needed.

      Benefits Of Role Specific Attestation 

      Customized messaging: Role Specific Attestation allows businesses to customize their messaging to specific employee roles ensuring the organization can adapt to
      ever-changing attestation regulations, and employees receive relevant and targeted reminders and notifications.

      Improved efficiency: With Role Specific Attestation, businesses can streamline their operations and reduce the risk of missed tasks or responsibilities by reminding employees of their duties when punching in or out.

      Real-Time Visibility: Role-specific attestation helps managers get real-time data from audit logs, reducing the administrative burden of auditing data with reports. 

      Detecting Trends and Managing Exceptions Proactively:   Attestation may also assist businesses in proactively detecting patterns and managing exceptions before they become problems.

      Easy tracking and monitoring: The application is compatible with Android. iOS mobile or tablet devices. It allows businesses to easily track and monitor employee attendance and performance, helping them stay on top of their operations.

      Key Features of  Role Specific Attestation 

      • Employee’s data will be synced from UKG along with their Employee Type/Role.
      • Employees with Supervisor Role/Type will be reminded of different actions according to their job during punch in/out. 
      • Dedicated Mobile App to track punches along with attestation.
      • The employee is prompted regarding the action they need to complete.
      • The employee presses the button corresponding to their response.
      • The system records an audit record of the action and employee response.


      Role Specific Attestation
      Mobile Dashboard
      Role-Specific Attestation dashboard-desktop-version
      Administrator Dashboard
      Role-Specific Attestation Desktop Version
      Employee Punch Information
      Role-Specific Attestation dashboard-desktop-version
      Employee Information Dashboard
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