As the world continues to grow busier with each passing year, frontline employees face increasing pressure to accomplish their tasks within limited time frames. Even before the current pressure, organizations utilized Human Capital Management solutions like UKG to manage their employees efficiently. However, due to ongoing needs, organizations have realized the importance of self-service tools for frontline employees. These self-service tools can provide employees with the benefits of task simplification, AI assistance, enhanced empowerment, and more, all aimed at boosting their productivity. For UKG HCM users looking to empower their employees with a self-service tool, CloudApper’s hrPad is one of the best options out there. CloudApper’s hrPad is a tablet/iPad-based HR service delivery solution specifically designed for frontline employees and UKG users. It will seamlessly integrate with any existing UKG solution (WFC, Pro, Dimension, and Ready) of an organization and can be installed on any tablet /iPad you choose.

As we advance, we will discuss the importance of employee self-service tools for frontline employees and how CloudApper’s hrPad keeps an impact by offering its solution to UKG users.

Challenges Faced by Frontline Employees

Frontline employees face distinct challenges that desk-based counterparts do not encounter. One of those challenges is insufficient access to intricate tools, ultimately impeding their ability to perform their job effectively. Another challenge is the lack of centralized information among frontline employees, which causes several adverse effects, such as decreased productivity, employee frustration, unnecessary licensing expenses, disengagement, information overload, and increased administrative burdens for HR. UKG users are also facing these challenges among their frontline employees.

Importance of Self-Service Tools for Frontline Employees

To address the challenges frontline employers face, UKG users must prioritize a user-friendly self-service tool specifically designed for the frontline and easily integrated with UKG. Recognizing the common practice of frontline employees frequently using their phones, these self-service tools serve as an essential platform for convenient engagement, catering to the preferences and behaviors of frontline employees. The self-service solutions can enable effective communication, collaboration, easy access to information, opportunities for upselling, and a well-defined organizational structure within the UKG framework. In addition, these self-service tools can also play a crucial role in achieving operational excellence. They are essential for UKG users who want to improve efficiency and empower their frontline employees.

The Advantages of hrPad: A UKG Integrated Self-Service 

AI Assistant Available 24/7

Frontline employees often have limited interaction with HR personnel. Resolving any compliance or benefits-related queries may require some time before reaching HR. CloudApper hrPad is a reliable tool that offers frontline employees a convenient solution. It includes a 24/7 AskHR chatbot feature, ensuring constant availability and support. This bot can be extensively trained on accurate and up-to-date compliance and benefits information specific to a company that utilizes UKG. It is proficient in addressing various HR-related inquiries from frontline employees with ease and accuracy. Providing access to information 24/7 enhances the efficiency of frontline employees and ultimately contributes to a more responsive and agile workforce.

Reduce HR Stress

hrPad and UKG solutions effectively diminish HR workload by enabling frontline employees to handle various HR-related tasks autonomously. This encompasses obtaining prompt responses to HR inquiries, logging in and out using biometric verification, reviewing and bidding for schedules, submitting requests for personal time off (PTO), and more. This significantly reduces the HR team’s responsibility to manually update individual staff records, which is particularly advantageous for large-scale organizations with numerous employees. This streamlined process saves considerable administrative time and minimizes the likelihood of data errors, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.

Foster Employee Engagement

Frontline employees often grapple with lower engagement levels, contributing to a retention rate as low as 46%. hrPad allows employees to take control of their work-related decisions, such as managing their time off, clocking in and out, making inquiries, and securing shifts. Additionally, UKG users can conduct surveys through hrPad when employees clock in and out, providing valuable insights into the mental well-being of the workforce. As a tablet/iPad-based kiosk readily accessible in the workplace, hrPad enhances employee convenience through AI assistance and various self-service features, ultimately boosting efficiency. This comprehensive solution cultivates heightened engagement and satisfaction among frontline employees, promoting a more connected and productive workforce.

In conclusion, CloudApper’s hrPad stands out as an indispensable solution for UKG users seeking to integrate a self-service tool for frontline employees. By seamlessly integrating with existing UKG solutions, hrPad addresses the unique challenges frontline employees face, providing benefits such as task simplification, AI assistance, and enhanced empowerment. Take the first step towards a more connected and productive workforce by integrating CloudApper’s hrPad solution into your UKG framework.