Managing shifts of frontline workers can be a complex and time-consuming task for employees and HR teams. The challenge lies in ensuring a smooth and efficient shift management process that aligns with the workforce’s and the organization’s needs. CloudApper’s hrPad for UKG, offering a tablet/iPad-based shift management solution, addresses this issue. This innovative tool lets workers manage their Shifts according to their preference, reducing HR workload and empowering frontline workers.

How CloudApper’s Shift Management Works? 

CloudApper’s hrPad for UKG is a comprehensive solution to streamline and optimize employee shift management. This solution leverages the power of AI and automation to overcome the challenges associated with manual shift management. It simplifies processes and is particularly beneficial during increased demand for shift workers. Using AI-driven algorithms, CloudApper’s hrPad ensures that shifts are adequately covered and operations run smoothly.

Self-Confirmation of Shifts:

CloudApper’s hrPad introduces a revolutionary Self-Confirmation feature, allowing employees to confirm their shift attendance autonomously. Eliminating the need for managers to check with employees individually, this solution identifies upcoming shifts and proactively sends notifications for confirmation via SMS, email, or platforms like Slack. This self-managed approach keeps employees in the loop and reduces the chances of unannounced absences, putting them in control of their schedules.

Empowering Shift Bidding:

With CloudApper’s hrPad, Shift Bidding becomes an empowering tool for employees. This feature automates the shift allocation process, notifying eligible employees about open shifts. Employees can submit bids through various channels like SMS, email, or Slack, facilitating a fair, transparent, and straightforward bidding process. Shift Bidding streamlines shift allocation and enhances employee engagement, granting them an active role in managing their work schedules.

Seamless Shift Swapping:

CloudApper’s hrPad introduces the user-friendly Shift Swapping feature, allowing employees to independently request and manage shift swaps. Managers can seamlessly review and approve these requests, ensuring efficient shift coverage and reducing scheduling conflicts. This feature empowers employees to address personal commitments without disruptions, fostering a sense of control over their work-life balance. By placing the management of these processes in the hands of employees, CloudApper’s Shift Optimization solution for UKG enhances efficiency and autonomy in managing shift work.

Benefits of Letting Employees Manage Their Shifts

Enhanced Employee Satisfaction:

Granting employees control over their schedules with hrPad contributes to increased satisfaction. This empowerment allows for a better balance between work and personal life, fostering contentment within the workforce and improving productivity.

Improved Employee Engagement:

Allowing employees to manage their shifts can lead to increased engagement and commitment to their roles. The sense of ownership cultivated by hrPad will motivate employees to contribute more effectively to the organization.

Streamlined Administrative Processes:

hrPad’s shift management feature reduces the administrative workload on HR and management. By entrusting employees with shift control, managers can redirect their efforts toward more strategic tasks, promoting operational efficiency.

Promoted Work-Life Balance:

Through hrPad, employees can tailor their work schedules to accommodate personal needs, fostering a better work-life balance. This flexibility can potentially reduce stress and enhance overall well-being among the workforce.

Optimized Workforce Management:

Aligning employee availability with business needs through hrPad can optimize workforce management. This may lead to more efficient shift coverage, minimizing understaffing or overstaffing scenarios. The result is potential cost savings and improved customer service.

Take The First Step!

Empowering your employees with the ability to manage their own shifts through our hrPad solution not only increases employee satisfaction and engagement but also boosts productivity. Experience the future of HR management with hrPad – a tool that gives your employees the control they desire and your business the efficiency it needs. Get started with hrPad today and transform your HR processes for the better!