Employee retention, engagement, and contentment are all boosted when workers have the opportunity to earn salary raises. If the pay rate for a position changes, you can be certain that all workers doing the same level of work will be paid the same. Having a good and fair pay grade step progression plan that gives incentives for individuals to continue to enhance their talents and remain with the firm they are already employed with is very important in today’s highly competitive job market.

Both UKG Pro and UKG Dimensions are well-known human resource and payroll management systems that a lot of companies use to keep track of their employees and manage their staff. Even while these systems include tools for pay progression, certain companies may need further customization and automation in order to satisfy the criteria that are unique to their business. At this point, CloudApper custom solutions comes into play.

CloudApper Pay Grade Step Progression Solution is an alternative pay progression approach that can give users of UKG Pro and Dimensions an improved method of automatically calculating pay progression. CloudApper Step Progression Solution can be found here. It is able to take employee work hour data from UKG Dimensions, process those hours according to the predefined wage tiers you specify, and then transmit the updated wage rate to either UKG Pro or Dimensions, as well as any other third-party payroll system. The procedure is completely automated, which ensures its accuracy and promptness.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at how the Step Progression Solution offered by CloudApper operates:

Step 1: Define wage tiers

The first thing you need to do is establish the parameters for your pay scale. The Step Progression Solution offered by CloudApper gives you the ability to design your own workflow and tiers for pay progression, which may be based on an employee’s work hours, their job nature, job location, or any other measure you want. You can even set up workflows so that the system automatically updates wages in the middle of a shift. When the tiers have been established, the system will be able to automatically compute employee compensation according to these parameters.

Step 2: Obtain Work Hour Data The Step Progression 

Solution offered by CloudApper may gather employee work hour data from UKG Dimensions. This data can include normal and overtime hours worked, breaks, and any other information that may be pertinent. This data may be put to use to perform an accurate calculation of employee compensation based on the criteria that have been established.

Step 3: Do an Automated Calculation of Pay Progression

When the data on employee work hours has been gathered, the Step Progression Solution offered by CloudApper is able to automatically compute employee pay progression according to the parameters that have been specified. Moreover, the system is able to automatically adjust employee pay rates in third-party payroll systems such as UKG Pro, Dimensions, or any other system.

Step 4: Being Precise and on Time

The Step Progression Solution offered by CloudApper is fully automated, which guarantees both accuracy and timeliness in the process of computing the pay progression of employees. Because of this, there is no longer a need for any computations to be performed by hand, which drastically cuts down on the potential for mistakes as well as delays.

In conclusion, CloudApper’s Step Progression Solution offers users of UKG Pro and Dimensions a different pay progression method that can be automated and tailored to match their individual requirements. This solution is available to customers of both products. With the help of this solution, businesses are able to guarantee that the pay progression plan they have in place is effective, fair, and provides an incentive for workers to stay with the firm and continue to improve their abilities.