Payroll process simplification has become increasingly important in today’s fast-paced business environment. Keeping up with hourly wage increases can be a time-consuming and error-prone process for businesses utilizing UKG Dimensions and Pro solutions. When it comes to Automatic Wage Progression in UKG Dimensions and Pro, CloudAppers Step Progression Solution can do the work for you.

Why UKG Users Need Automatic Wage Progression

Updating hourly wages and keeping up with hourly wage progression can be a real pain in the neck when it comes to managing payroll in UKG Dimensions and Pro. For companies that have union-mandated advancement requirements, this might be an especially daunting process. Companies that want to maintain track of wage changes must update employee records by hand, compute pay amounts based on hours worked, and then enter the new wage data into the payroll system. Employee unhappiness and maybe legal concerns might arise as a result of this laborious and error-prone process that can lead to inaccurate pay for workers.

Automatic Wages ProgressionCloudAppers’s Step Progressive Solution

By eliminating the need for manual data entry and calculations, the CloudAppers Step Progression Solution automates the process of changing hourly salaries in UKG Dimensions and Pro. Businesses can now easily import employee data from UKG Pro and Dimensions, set up hourly pay tiers, and have those tiers instantly updated in UKG Dimensions, Pro, or any other payroll system. Here is how it works:

Import staff information from UKG Pro and Dimensions

Importing employee information from UKG Pro and Dimensions is the first step in using CloudApper’s Step Progression Solution. Personal information such as names, job titles, wage rates, and hours worked are all included in this data set. As soon as the information is imported, companies can set up unique salary brackets for their employees.

Generate Hourly Pay tires

With the Step Progression Solution, firms can set up their custom tires according to employees’ hours worked. A company may, for instance, establish different pay rates for workers using total working hours like 0–100, 101–200, and so on. A company may, for instance, establish different pay rates for workers as well. Businesses can ensure that workers are paid fairly for their time by creating several pay levels and assigning different rates to those levels.

Automatically adjust hourly rates

After setting up different pay levels for employees, companies can use CloudApper’s AI-based platform to change hourly pay to match the preexisting requirements. The system automatically increases an employee’s pay rate according to their worked hours. Business owners can save time and reduce the likelihood of making mistakes by keeping away from the necessity for manual data entry and computations.

Hourly wages are automatically updated in UKG

CloudApper’s Step Progression Solution updates the hourly pay rates in UKG Dimensions, Pro, or any other payroll system right away. This eliminates the possibility of mistakes and legal complications with employee compensation.

Learn When an Employee Has Progressed to the Next Level

When an employee moves up a pay grade, CloudApper’s Step Progression Solution notifies them instantly. In this way, companies may stay abreast of wage adjustments and make the necessary adjustments to their payroll systems.

With CloudApper’s Step Progression Solution, updating hourly wages in UKG Dimensions and Pro is much faster and less likely to cause mistakes. Payroll processing can be streamlined and errors mitigated. Please contact us if you want to learn more about the solution.