Payroll accruals, the lifeblood of employee compensation, require complex calculations and meticulous tracking. Fortunately, UKG, with its powerful APIs, can automate this process, streamlining your payroll operations. Configuring these APIs requires some technical expertise and intricate knowledge of UKG’s inner workings. This comprehensive guide will equip you with the necessary steps to conquer the API beast and unleash its powerful potential.


UKG Pro Web Access: Ensure you have the appropriate permissions to access relevant areas within UKG Pro.

Service Account: Create a dedicated service account with static credentials. UKG’s Center of Excellence team can assist with this.

Step 1: Accessing the Service Account Arsenal:

  • Navigate to Menu > System Configuration > Security > Service Account Administration.
  • Choose “Add” or an existing account’s “User Name” to modify its settings.

Step 2: Granting API Access:

  • In the “Web Service” section, locate “Payroll Integration”. Check the “Add, View, Edit, and Delete” boxes for full API access.
  • Repeat the process for “PTO Plan Integration” to unlock accrual API powers.

Step 3: Save and Salute:

  • Click “Save” to solidify your configuration. Now, your service account wields the API sword, ready to tackle accrual challenges.

Bonus Round: Advanced Maneuvers (Optional):

Configure accrual code and general ledger mappings depending on your version and needs. Explore integration sets for seamless interaction with other systems.


Configuring APIs, while empowering, can be intricate. Seek help from your UKG administrator or support if needed. Stay informed about your specific UKG version for accurate guidance.

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