The CloudApper Solutions Community offers a wide range of UKG customizations and functionalities that customers can leverage with their existing solutions. These customizations are designed to enhance the UKG experience, streamline processes, and make the most out of the UKG data and solutions to meet specific business needs. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the key customizations provided for UKG by CloudApper AI and discuss how our solutions help you extract the most out of your UKG software.

The Different UKG Customizations CloudApper Provides

BI Dashboards & Reports

One of the powerful UKG customizations the CloudApper Solutions Community provides is the ability to create unique Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards and Reports. By syncing data from UKG solutions and leveraging CloudApper’s workflow engine, our solution transforms the data so that UKG customers can view it within understandable graphs and charts. This enables organizations to gain deeper insights into their ongoing processes, track key metrics, and make data-driven decisions easily.

Wage Progression

CloudApper offers a Wage Progression Solution that allows organizations to track wage progression in real time. This solution integrates seamlessly with UKG Dimensions, Pro, and other payroll systems. With custom pay tiers and automated tracking, organizations can accurately monitor wage progressions, apply them for applicable workers, and ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations (if required).

Shift Confirmation

Managing employee shift attendance can be quite a challenging task. The CloudApper Solutions Community offers a Shift Confirmation Solution that helps streamline the process. By leveraging SMS notifications, employees are asked before their shift whether they’ll be attending or not – the managers are alerted to any issues (such as no response) so that they can take corrective actions. This UKG customization ensures that the shifts are always covered and reduces disruptions and losses.

Custom Time Capture

The CloudApper Solutions Community for UKG provides a versatile and cost-effective custom Employee Time Capture Solution called RightPunch – it’s used by several UKG customers worldwide. RightPunch can be used with any Android or iOS device – making it an affordable yet reliable alternative to expensive time clocks. Once the employees punch in or out using their employer’s preferred method, the punch data is seamlessly sent to the UKG solution. With the option of biometric verification and seamless integration with UKG software, organizations can accurately capture time data, prevent buddy punching, and streamline time and attendance.

Custom Reports

Generating custom reports using UKG data for specific needs is quite easy with CloudApper. Whether it’s employee performance, attendance patterns, or any other insight, CloudApper empowers organizations to generate custom reports that provide them with the exact information needed for informed decision-making.

Group Punch

For UKG customers that have field workers and require capturing employee punches in bulk, CloudApper’s Group Punch Solution is the perfect tool. This solution enables managers to capture employee punches in bulk even when offline – something that’s useful when the internet isn’t available. Whenever the solution gets access to the internet, it automatically sends the punch data to UKG – ensuring a seamless experience. With CloudApper’s Group Punch Solution, UKG users can streamline employee punch data, eliminate manual data entry errors, and save considerable time.

Employee Self-Service

CloudApper’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) Solution allows employees to handle various HCM tasks conveniently over SMS. From leave requests and time-off management to accessing HR-related information, employees of the UKG customer can perform tasks quickly and efficiently. This solution enhances employee engagement, improves self-service capabilities, and reduces the administrative burden on HR personnel.

Tips Management

For businesses in industries where tipping is prevalent, CloudApper offers a unique UKG customization – an Employee Tips Management Solution. This solution allows organizations to record employee tip data for multiple employees individually or in bulk – sending all of it to UKG. It streamlines the tip recordkeeping process, saves time, and ensures accurate tip allocation and reporting – reducing fraud and improving compliance.

Job Transfer

The CloudApper Solutions Community enables UKG users to capture labor transfer data when employees punch in or out using various methods like biometrics, QR/barcodes, NFC, or even geofencing. Since the solution seamlessly syncs with UKG, it allows UKG customers to track labor transfers accurately and prevent employee time theft.

Employee Attestation

Maintaining compliance with regulations and internal policies is critical for organizations. CloudApper’s customizable Employee Attestation for UKG users allows organizations to record employee responses regarding specific sensitive tasks when they clock in and out. This ensures that the organization has records of employees complying with important policies and procedures.

Text Connect

CloudApper’s Text Connect Solution provides UKG customers with a valuable tool for communication, feedback gathering, and monitoring employee satisfaction. With Text Connect, organizations can easily send emergency alerts, safety and wellness checks, event reminders, surveys, polls, and requests for feedback via text messages. Real-time tracking of responses enables organizations to identify areas for improvement, mitigate risks, and take proactive actions to create a better employee experience.

Use CloudApper for Easy and Perfect UKG Customizations

The CloudApper Solutions Community offers a wide array of powerful customizations that enhance the UKG experience. These customizations streamline processes, transform UKG data, and provide the exact information UKG customers need as per their requirements. By leveraging the expertise of the CloudApper Solutions Community along with UKG data, organizations can optimize their HCM processes, improve efficiency, and unlock the full potential of their UKG solutions – contact us now to learn more.