If you’re using UKG software solutions to optimize workforce management (WFM), you know it’s a powerful tool for streamlining and optimizing HR processes. Many organizations, however, require something more to meet their constantly changing needs in addition to existing solutions. As we’re well into 2023, meeting these requirements is crucial, which is why organizations must implement tools to stay ahead of the curve, reduce costs, and manage their workforce properly.

That’s Where the CloudApper Community for UKG Comes In

The CloudApper community for UKG houses a plethora of custom solutions that help add new functionality to UKG solutions. CloudApper helps modify existing UKG solutions to meet the organization’s customized requirements. Since CloudApper is a no-code AI platform, any functionality can be built and added to existing UKG software – helping meet the organization’s workforce management needs.

With that in mind, now, what kind of features can CloudaApper build for UKG customers for optimizing WFM in 2023? Let’s dive in!

The Best CloudApper Features for UKG Customers in 2023

Employee Time Capture and Verification

One of the critical areas where CloudApper can help UKG users is capturing employee time. The platform offers a range of options for capturing employee time, including QR codes, barcodes, and even biometrics – all of which can be used to verify employees, and prevent ‘buddy punching’. This can be especially useful for organizations with a large number of employees, as it eliminates the need for manual timekeeping, reduces the risk of errors, and prevents employee time theft.

Tracking Employee Tasks

Just the way CloudApper helps capture employee punches, UKG customers can also use it to track employee tasks using NFC tags, or barcodes. This makes it easy for organizations to track how much time their employees spend on specific tasks, helping with WFM optimization, identifying the ideal time required for tasks, and calculating compensation.

Custom Report Generation

One of the most vital functionalities the CloudApper community provides for UKG customers is custom WFM report generation. CloudApper will simply pull data into the platform from their existing UKG solution. The platform then processes the information and allows users to generate customizable reports to better understand their workforce, including information on employee attendance, productivity, working hours, etc. This is particularly useful for managers who need to make informed decisions about their teams or identify patterns.

Shift Management

Many UKG customers have employees that work in shifts, and if there’s any mismanagement, for instance, an employee being absent unexpectedly, it can be disastrous. CloudApper prevents this for UKG customers as the latter can help confirm whether employees will show up before their shifts.

The CloudApper platform sends customized notifications through SMS or emails to employees to remind them of upcoming shifts and confirm their availability. If the employee does not respond in a given period of time or responds “No” to their shift confirmation, the manager will be notified immediately enabling them to take preemptive action. This helps avoid scheduling conflicts and ensures that organizations have the necessary staffing levels at all times – thereby preventing disruptions.

Geofencing for Remote Employee Punches

With the aid of CloudApper, UKG users can verify employees’ locations and identities even if they’re on the field, which is crucial for salespersons and site workers. Whenever employees submit a punch, CloudApper ensures that the employees are present at the appropriate location. This helps to prevent fraudulent employee punches.

Business Intelligence Dashboards for Employee Data

Another very crucial function UKG users require is accurate, complete, and valuable data regarding their employees. CloudApper helps UKG software users by providing them with business intelligence (BI) dashboards that consist of various employee information. This functionality pulls the required employee data from UKG, processes it, and presents it in dashboards so that the management team can use it to identify patterns, understand the current status, and make data-driven decisions to optimize WFM.

CloudApper Is What UKG Software Users Need in 2023

With the help of CloudApper, UKG customers can easily add a range of add-ons to their existing software that helps manage their workforce, optimize costs, and make informed decisions. From time tracking and task tracking to customizable reports and BI dashboards, CloudApper has a variety of features that help organizations get the most out of their UKG software. Organizations can gain a competitive edge, understand their workforce better, uncover hidden insights, and reduce costs.

Contact us now to learn how the CloudApper community can help add features to your UKG solutions seamlessly.