While UKG software solutions are excellent for workforce management, did you ever wonder if your existing UKG solution could’ve done more? For instance, did you ever wish to extract reports that can be customized to meet your needs? Did you want to verify employee identities while they clock in or out? Did you ever want to add attestations during clock-ins or clock-outs of specific employees? The good news is that with the CloudApper community, you can add all of these functionalities to your existing UKG solutions!

The CloudApper Community Is Made for UKG Customers

The CloudApper platform is a no-code and non-technical toolkit that’s made specifically for UKG customers. CloudApper works with UKG WF Central, Ready, Dimensions, and Pro. The platform features customizable drag-and-drop templates that users can utilize to create functionalities that extend the usage of your existing UKG software solutions. With CloudApper, you can easily create and modify functionalities for your UKG software – reducing the hassle of searching for other complicated solutions.

But what kind of customizations are possible for your UKG solutions using CloudApper? Let’s explore!

How CloudApper Helps Add Functionality and Customizes Your UKG Software Experience

The team behind CloudApper has worked with UKG for years and understands the needs of UKG customers. As a result, several relevant functionalities can be added to UKG solutions that help customers extract more information regarding their workforce, add accountability to employees, or provide better monitoring regarding employee tasks.

So, what exactly can the CloudApper community do to customize your UKG experience?

It Can Help Verify Employees During Clock-ins/Clock-outs

One of the most commonly used functionalities of CloudApper is its employee time clock solution. With this standout feature, employers can verify employees using different technologies such as biometrics, QR code or barcode scanning, or even NFC tags. In any case, the employees need to verify their identities, and organizations mostly prefer biometrics for that. To solve this, the CloudApper platform supports facial and fingerprint recognition. Plus, the good news is, all of this can be done using inexpensive tablets or smartphones.

It Can Help With Employee Task Tracking

The CloudApper platform allows UKG users to track employee tasks and identify their time on individual tasks. For instance, within a hotel, an administrator can easily identify how much time it takes a housekeeping staff member to make up a room. Organizations can do this with the help of NFC tags – the employee would just scan the NFC tag using their approved smartphone and clock in for the task. Likewise, after cleaning up the room, the employee repeats the process and clocks out. All of this data can also be seamlessly sent to the UKG software.

It Can Help Extract More Information Regarding Employees

Do you desire to identify patterns regarding your team? CloudApper can help you with that as it seamlessly integrates with your existing UKG software. For instance, if managers want to identify the average clock-in time in the past three months, CloudApper extracts the relevant information from your UKG software, processes them, and easily provides you with the data.

CloudApper Can Add So Much More to Your UKG Software!

So far, all you have learned about CloudApper are just the tip of the iceberg. CloudApper can add far more functionality to your UKG solutions! Amazingly, it can help send customized notifications based on triggers, confirm an employee’s availability, and even ensure HR compliance! Better still, contact us now to learn more about the CloudApper community for UKG software.