Managing employee time off can be quite time-consuming, especially for supervisors overseeing large teams. While UKG Pro WFM (formerly Dimensions) offers robust PTO management tools, did you know that you could manage employee PTOs right from your email inbox? CloudApper AI for UKG steps in and provides customized solutions for UKG WFC, Ready, Pro WFM, and UKG Pro. One of its custom solutions lets supervisors easily handle employee PTO requests directly from their emails.

Easily Handle Subordinate PTO Requests From Emails

Imagine a scenario where you’re a supervisor and receive an email notification from CloudApper AI, letting you know that your team member has submitted a PTO request. However, it doesn’t only notify supervisors – it also helps them approve or reject the request – let’s see how!

The email itself displays all the crucial information you need to make an informed decision, including the type of PTO requested (sick leave, vacation, etc.) and the employee’s current accrual balance. But here’s where CloudApper AI is different – right within the email, you’ll see two buttons – “Approve” and “Cancel.”

The best part is that you can approve or reject PTO requests without logging in and out of UKG or CloudApper AI! With a simple click from your email, you can review the request and grant or deny it instantly. CloudApper AI then directs you to a confirmation page, ensuring transparency and keeping both you and the employee informed throughout the process.

Employees Get Real-Time Updates Too

Once the supervisor has made the decision, the employee automatically receives a notification via email – informing them immediately and keeping them in the loop about their request’s status.

Benefits Galore for UKG Users

CloudApper AI’s email-based PTO management offers a multitude of benefits for UKG users:

  • Effortless Efficiency: Supervisors can approve or deny PTO requests on the go, streamlining the process and saving valuable time.
  • Improved Transparency: Both supervisors and employees receive real-time updates, fostering clear communication and reducing confusion.
  • Reduced HR Burden: Automating PTO approvals frees up HR resources for more strategic tasks.
  • Enhanced Employee Satisfaction: Faster resolution times and real-time updates keep employees in the loop, leading to greater satisfaction.

CloudApper AI: Your Gateway to HCM Automation

CloudApper AI goes beyond PTO requests – it offers a suite of custom solutions designed to automate various HCM processes within UKG. CloudApper AI empowers UKG users to build a more efficient and employee-centric work environment, from streamlining absence management to simplifying shift swaps. Ready to experience the power of HCM automation? Contact CloudApper AI today and see how their custom solutions can revolutionize your UKG experience!