UKG software has been transforming HCM for hundreds of organizations around the world. With its robust solutions, UKG customers can properly and accurately manage their workforce. However, diverse organizations have different requirements requiring customization, third-party integrations, and more. With the CloudApper Solution Community for UKG, adding custom functionality to This is where CloudApper comes in with its AI platform – it makes customizations easy, simple, and fully compatible with UKG.

That being said, let’s take a look at the different functionalities CloudApper provides for customizing UKG software. Remember that these are just a few examples – our AI platform can create ANY functionality that seamlessly integrates with UKG solutions like Dimensions, Pro, Central, and Ready.

The Custom Functionalities CloudApper Offers for UKG Software

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Several UKG customers need to view employee information but lack the tools to transform the raw data into meaningful information. CloudApper offers fully customizable BI (business intelligence) dashboards for easily viewing employee information by using UKG data. UKG customers can easily view information about compensation, employment, recruitment, and anything else needed. Our BI dashboards help provide crucial information to the management to make informed decisions, identify gaps, and address issues.

Tracking Wage Progressions

With CloudApper’s Step Progression solution, UKG customers can track wage progression in real-time with custom pay tiers. Organizations don’t need to manually keep up with primary jobs and timecards for tracking employee pay progression – our solution does that for them once it’s synced with the UKG software. CloudApper Step Progression automatically calculates employee step pay amounts and then sends it to the desired UKG solution – making it hassle-free.

Shift Confirmation

A significant challenge faced by organizations with shift workers is whether the workers would turn up for their shifts. This leads to chaos as there’s a worker shortage, especially if the work pressure is high. CloudApper’s Shift Confirmation reduces the issues caused by employee no-shows. It pulls employee data from UKG and detects employees with problematic attendance. Well before their shifts, the solution automatically pings them via SMS to confirm whether they’ll attend their shifts and informs the supervisors regarding the responses. This way, the managers have ample time to take corrective actions – reducing the effects of employee no-shows.

Custom Time Capture Solution

One of the most used CloudApper solutions used by UKG customers is its custom time capture solution for employee punches. Our employee time capture solution captures employee punches via different methods such as PIN, facial recognition, barcodes, or even QR codes. Our platform can customize the entire solution to even add job transfers and attestations – ensuring compliance and proper wage calculation.

Report Generation

CloudApper can add Custom Reports so that UKG customers can generate reports regarding specific employee information, such as employee punches, attendance reports, etc. This helps managers with insightful data regarding their teams’ performance, attendance, productivity, and anything else required.

Group Punch Solution

CloudApper’s Group Punch Solution ensures that field workers’ punch data is captured in bulk. It ensures that field workers’ punches are stored on the device with CloudApper installed, even without the internet. The manager uses the device (Android or iOS tablet or smartphone), and the punch data is automatically sent to UKG when connected to the internet.

Employee Self-Service

CloudApper’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) for UKG allows employees to submit punches, view their schedules, manage PTO, and more – all they need is a mobile phone as the HCM messages are sent and received using SMS. This makes it convenient for employees who have difficulty with smartphones or technology to use the solution easily.

Employee Attestation

CloudApper Employee Attestation ensures that UKG customers are ensuring compliance. It adds pop-ups when employees punch in or out and asks about work hours, meal breaks, etc. It can even serve as reminders to employees regarding crucial tasks, for instance, whether they have taken all the necessary tools required for work – all of this data is sent to UKG along with the punches. Attestations help organizations steer clear of compliance issues as they have information recorded regarding breaks, work hours, etc., which are crucial in many US states.

CloudApper is the Ultimate Tool for Customizing UKG Software

CloudApper offers a range of custom functionality that we can add to UKG solutions. From BI dashboards to ESS solutions, these help organizations using UKG to manage their HCM tasks, improve the user experience, and simplify complex processes. Contact us now to learn how our AI platform can customize your UKG solution.