Managing labor data is crucial for organizations, and many utilize custom Workforce Integration Manager (WIM) rules in UKG Workforce Central (WFC) to handle specific labor needs, such as bonus calculations. However, transitioning these custom rules to UKG Pro Workforce Management (WFM) can present a positive opportunity for innovation as WFM only inherently supports these custom WIMs. This article explores how CloudApper effectively addresses this gap by seamlessly integrating and leveraging WIMs in UKG Pro WFM (Dimensions), ensuring organizations continue to benefit from their custom rulesets with enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

Key Takeaway

  • Customizable Rulesets: CloudApper allows the creation of custom rulesets and tables for accurate labor calculations.
  • Real-Time Data Processing: Ensures up-to-date data by processing information in real-time.
  • Seamless Integration: Automatically syncs data back into UKG Pro WFM, reducing manual effort and errors.
  • Enhanced Compliance: Maintains accuracy and adherence to organizational policies and regulations.

The Challenge of Custom Labor Calculations 

Organizations rely on custom WIMs in WFC to manage complex labor calculations tailored to their unique needs. These calculations include bonus structures, overtime rules, and other specific payroll adjustments. Transitioning to UKG Pro WFM presents an opportunity for organizations to enhance their payroll processes with more robust and flexible solutions. CloudApper ensures that these custom labor rules are seamlessly integrated, maintaining payroll accuracy and compliance while leveraging the advanced features of UKG Pro WFM. This integration allows organizations to continue benefiting from their custom rulesets with improved efficiency and operational excellence.

Integrating CloudApper with UKG has revolutionized our labor data management. The real-time processing and seamless synchronization have significantly improved our payroll accuracy and compliance.

– Chief Human Resource Officer, with over 15 years of experience in employee relationship management in manufacturing*

CloudApper’s Innovative Solution 

CloudApper offers a robust solution for seamlessly integrating custom WIMs into UKG Pro WFM. By creating custom rulesets and tables, CloudApper ensures that all unique labor calculations are accurately processed. The integration involves:

Creating Custom Rulesets and Tables 

CloudApper allows organizations to define and implement custom calculation logic that mirrors their existing WIMs in WFC. This customization ensures that all specific labor requirements are met without compromising accuracy.

Real-Time Data Processing 

CloudApper pulls the necessary data from WFM in real-time. This data is then processed according to the custom rulesets, ensuring that all calculations, including bonuses and overtime, are accurate and up to date.

Organizations implementing automated labor management systems report a 60% reduction in payroll errors and a 40% increase in compliance with labor laws.

Seamless Data Synchronization 

After processing, CloudApper syncs the data back into UKG Pro WFM. This automation eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing errors and improving efficiency. Payroll data is seamlessly integrated into the existing system, ensuring a smooth transition and continuous operation.

Benefits of Leveraging CloudApper for Custom Labor Calculations

Accuracy and Compliance: Ensures all labor calculations are accurate and compliant with organizational policies and regulations.

Efficiency: Automates the data processing and synchronization, significantly reducing manual effort and errors.


Flexibility: Customizable to meet the unique needs of any organization, providing a tailored solution for complex labor calculations.

Real-Time Updates: This service provides real-time processing and updates, ensuring that payroll and labor data are always current and precise.


Transitioning custom labor calculations from WFC to WFM can be challenging, but CloudApper provides an effective solution. By leveraging custom WIMs in UKG Pro WFM (Dimensions), CloudApper ensures seamless data processing and synchronization, maintaining accuracy and compliance. This integration not only enhances operational efficiency but also helps organizations manage their labor data more effectively. Contact us today to learn more about how CloudApper can transform your labor management processes.


What is CloudApper?

CloudApper is an AI-driven platform that integrates with UKG systems to automate and enhance labor data processing.

How does CloudApper handle custom labor calculations?

CloudApper creates custom rulesets and tables to mirror existing WIMs in WFC, ensuring accurate processing of specific labor calculations.

What are the benefits of using CloudApper for labor calculations?

Benefits include increased accuracy, reduced manual effort, real-time data processing, and enhanced compliance with organizational policies.

How does CloudApper ensure data accuracy?

CloudApper processes data in real-time and syncs it back into UKG Pro WFM, ensuring that all information is current and accurate.

Is CloudApper customizable?

Yes, CloudApper is highly customizable to meet the unique needs of any organization.

*Disclaimer: Due to privacy reasons, the identity of the person or company cannot be revealed.