UKG software solutions are powerful tools for workforce management. And, with the right tools, customers can further enhance their UKG solutions, and extra functionality can be added to them. The CloudApper community for UKG solutions is one of the ideal tools for customizing your experience with your existing UKG solution(s). But what exactly are the benefits of using CloudApper for UKG? Let’s explore!

Benefits of Using the CloudApper Community for UKG

Choose From a Wide Range of Customizations

The CloudApper community has a plethora of functionalities that users can add to UKG solutions. For instance, UKG users can add biometrics to UKG employee time clocks, track employee tasks using NFC tags or QR codes, create custom reports to gain a deeper understanding, ensure notifications to the appropriate personnel, and more. Furthermore, users can add these functionalities to UKG solutions like WF Central, Ready, Dimensions, and Pro, and they can also be customized to meet the organization’s requirements easily. For instance, do you want to capture employee time and ensure verification? You can add biometrics or QR codes with CloudApper to your UKG software. Or, do you want to verify employee identities and ensure they’re at a specific location? CloudApper can help add geofencing to your UKG solution. Moreover, if you can’t find the functionality you need, CloudApper can help you build that too!

Build Your Own Functionality and Share It With the Community

CloudApper is basically, a no-code AI platform that can help you create highly customizable workflows and add them to your UKG software – all without writing any code! What does this mean for UKG users, though? Well, it simply means that ANYONE can create and add functionality to their UKG software!

For instance, we received a recent request where a UKG customer wanted to track a specific task of a few employees. Moreover, they wanted to add attestations in the form of questions, so that when they start and end tasks, it serves as reminders. While adding this would’ve been complicated with any other platform, CloudApper could easily customize and add the functionality.

User-friendly Interface That Anyone Can Use

As mentioned, CloudApper has a user-friendly interface that has drag-and-drop customizable templates. It’s quite easy to create new functionalities – just add workflows, configure them, and add them to your existing UKG software to test them. CloudApper can help automate processes so that UKG customers can easily pull data whenever specific events occur. For instance, if a manager wants to receive notifications whenever a worker ends their shift early, they can add it easily to the UKG solution with CloudApper. CloudApper pulls the data from the UKG solution, processes it within the platform, and then sends the notification to the manager.

Works With the Popular UKG Solutions

CloudApper can seamlessly integrate with UKG software solutions like WF Central, Ready, Dimensions, and Pro. It’s a tried and tested platform that helps reduce data migration issues, reduces development time, and ensures that the functionality is up and running in a few hours.

Want to reap the benefits of the CloudApper community for UKG software? Contact us now to learn more about how CloudApper can help you achieve workforce management optimization.