Countless organizations utilize Kronos/UKG for their HR processes. However, some of them require customizations to meet their unique business requirements. For instance, some organizations want to provide employees with reminders regarding their tasks whenever they clock in; others want to notify employees regarding missed punches, and so on. One such Kronos/UKG customer having such unique requirements is a reputed charitable organization located in Canada. They wanted a custom employee time capture solution for Kronos/UKG.

The charitable organization operates to help people of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities – providing countless individuals with help for their personal growth and community development.

To do all of that and help the community, the organization has hundreds of workers spread out across its facilities. It’s not a surprise that managing such a large and diverse workforce can be challenging at times. The charitable organization wanted an employee time capture solution that could easily capture employee clock-ins and outs. It wanted a solution that seamlessly integrates with Kronos/UKG, is easy to implement, and, most importantly, can capture employee punches without physical contact while verifying employees.

Fortunately, for the charitable organization, the CloudApper AI TimeClock is available. It’s a custom employee time capture solution for Kronos/UKG that easily meets their needs. Due to the pandemic, one of the organization’s main concerns was capturing employee punches without any physical contact – CloudApper AI TimeClock met this requirement easily as it works with iPads and Android tablets and utilizes face ID to capture employee punches – making it a cost-effective solution. Moreover, using face recognition, CloudApper AI TimeClock also ensures employee identities – preventing buddy punching and time theft in the process. Moreover, our AI-powered time capture solution is easy to use and seamlessly integrates with Kronos/UKG – making it the perfect solution for the customer.

Have similar requirements for employee time capture or something else entirely? Contact CloudApper AI now and learn how we can help customize the time capture process, help you leverage AI, and more.