Accurately keeping track of employee work hours is paramount for any given organization. It ensures fair compensation practices, simplifies payroll processing and provides valuable employee data to make informed decisions. But what exactly is employee work hour validation, why is it so crucial, and how can custom Kronos Time Clock help HR teams? Let’s explore.

Why Validate Employee Work Hours?

Work hour validation involves verifying the accuracy of employee time records. This process helps organizations avoid costly mistakes and potential legal issues. Here’s why it matters:

Compliance with Labor Laws

Ensuring employees get paid accurately for hours worked complies with labor regulations and minimizes the risk of fines or lawsuits.

Accurate Payroll Calculations

Validated work hours prevent discrepancies in payroll calculations, leading to timely and accurate employee paychecks.

Reduced Time Theft

A robust validation system deters potential time theft attempts, ensuring fair compensation for all employees.

Informed Workforce Management

Accurate work-hour data empowers HR teams to make informed decisions about scheduling, staffing, and resource allocation.

CloudApper AI TimeClock: Streamlined Validation for UKG Users

CloudApper AI TimeClock provides a powerful solution for UKG/Kronos users seeking to streamline employee work-hour validation. This custom employee time capture solution seamlessly integrates with UKG Pro WFM (Dimensions), Ready, and WFC, transforming Android tablets or iPads into custom time clocks.

CloudApper AI TimeClock acts as the perfect complement to UKG by providing advanced features specifically designed to validate work hours:

Attestation Prompts

The solution can be configured to ask employees confirmation questions upon clocking out, such as verifying the accuracy of their recorded hours.

Facial Recognition

CloudApper AI TimeClock for UKG offers facial recognition technology for added security. It ensures employees clocking in and out are who they say they are, preventing buddy punching and time theft.


For work environments that need it, CloudApper AI TimeClock for UKG can utilize geofencing to restrict clock-ins and outs to designated areas, ensuring accurate location data for work hours.

Automated Overtime Calculations

The system calculates overtime based on pre-defined rules, validating extra hours worked and guaranteeing employees receive fair compensation for exceeding regular working hours.

Benefits of CloudApper AI TimeClock for UKG Users

By leveraging CloudApper AI TimeClock, UKG users can experience:

Increased Accuracy

Automated data capture and advanced validation features minimize errors and discrepancies in employee work hours.

Enhanced Compliance

Robust validation systems help organizations comply with labor regulations and avoid potential legal issues.

Streamlined Payroll Processing

Accurate work-hour data ensures efficient payroll calculations and timely payment for employees.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Automation frees up valuable HR time previously spent verifying time records and managing discrepancies.

Choose CloudApper AI TimeClock for UKG

CloudApper AI TimeClock goes beyond time capture and empowers UKG users to automate HCM processes and make the most out of UKG. By streamlining work hour validation, CloudApper AI TimeClock helps ensure accuracy, compliance, and efficiency within the organization. Contact CloudApper AI today and discover how we seamlessly integrate with UKG and help you customize HCM processes.