Tracking employee work hours is crucial because it lets organizations know how employees are spending their time as well as comply with labor laws and regulations since the latter demands demand a timekeeping system. While UKG/Kronos is providing different timeclock solutions with the necessary features and functionalities, some customers need more than traditional time clocks to meet their unique needs. For those customers, CloudApper AI TimeClock for UKG is the perfect solution, providing easy and flexible customizations that enhance the UKG/Kronos time clock experience.

But why should UKG customers go for CloudApper AI? Turns out, there are a lot of compelling benefits and features that CloudApper AI TimeClock brings to UKG customers – let’s dive in!

How CloudApper Augments the UKG/Kronos Time Clock Experience

Introduces Automation for HCM Tasks

CloudApper AI TimeClock also automates HCM tasks with its intuitive employee self-service features. Employees can easily check and submit PTO requests, view timecards, and even update personal details without the help of HR personnel. This self-service functionality streamlines the HR management process, saving time, freeing up resources, and enhancing overall employee satisfaction.

Easily Customizes the UKG/Kronos Time Clock Experience

Powered by the CloudApper AI platform, our TimeClock solution for UKG is easily customizable to meet specific needs. Be it employee self-service, tip recordkeeping, cost center transfers, or geofencing CloudApper’s AI TimeClock solution does it all and more. With CloudApper, organizations get to tailor their UKG/Kronos time clock experience to align with their unique workflows, processes, and compliance requirements.

Lowers Capital Costs

First of all, CloudApper AI TimeClock eliminates the need for UKG/Kronos time clocks as it uses Android or iOS devices instead. As a result, using inexpensive iPads or Android tablets help lower overall capital and maintenance costs. CloudApper AI TimeClock can help employees punch in and out using iPads and Android devices and customize the UKG/Kronos time clock experience according to the customer’s needs.

Verifies Employee Identities

CloudApper AI TimeClock provides secure biometric authentication options. On Android or iOS devices, employees can capture their picture and be identified using the world’s most accurate face biometric matching system. For PC-based systems, fingerprint biometrics can be utilized. These biometric features prevent “buddy punching” and significantly reduce time theft, resulting in cost savings for the organization.

Enables Touchless Time Capture

CloudApper AI TimeClock introduces touchless time capture capabilities – allowing employees to punch in or out in a contactless manner. Using any Android or iOS device, employees can simply scan a barcode or QR code, take their picture, or use face biometrics for identification. Punches are instantly submitted to employee time cards in UKG, providing a seamless and touchless time capture process.

Effortless Cost Center Transfers

CloudApper AI TimeClock supports cost center transfers, enabling employees to select various transfer options when submitting punches. Whether it’s transferring between departments, jobs, locations, or lunch breaks, CloudApper AI TimeClock for UKG can be configured to support specific cost center transfer requirements – ensuring accurate time tracking, efficient allocation of resources, and proper payroll calculation.

Enables Geo-Fencing

Geofencing by CloudApper AI TimeClock allows organizations to effortlessly manage and track employee attendance and work hours based on predefined geographic boundaries. By setting virtual perimeters around specific locations, such as office buildings, job sites, or client sites, employers can ensure accurate time tracking and real-time monitoring of employee movements. Geo-fencing promotes compliance with labor regulations, optimizes workforce management, and facilitates resource allocation.

Adds Attestations

CloudApper AI TimeClock streamlines and automates the employee attestation process. Organizations can ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and internal policies by easily creating customizable attestation forms. Employees can acknowledge and validate important documents, policies, or procedures digitally, eliminating manual paperwork and administrative tasks. Automated reminders and notifications ensure timely completion of attestation processes, enhancing compliance and efficiency.

Custom Questionnaires

CloudApper AI TimeClock empowers organizations to gather valuable insights and employee feedback through custom questionnaires. With easy-to-use form builders and a wide range of question types, organizations can use tailored questionnaires to address specific needs, such as employee satisfaction surveys, performance evaluations, or training assessments. Simplify collecting, analyzing, and acting upon employee feedback with CloudApper AI TimeClock’s customizable questionnaires feature.


CloudApper AI TimeClock transforms the UKG/Kronos timeclock experience by providing easy customizations, lower capital costs, and a range of powerful features. From eliminating hardware dependency to offering instant customization options, CloudApper AI TimeClock empowers organizations to tailor their timeclock system to meet their unique requirements. With features like face and fingerprint biometrics, touchless time capture, cost center transfers, employee self-service, geofencing, attestation, and custom questionnaires, CloudApper AI TimeClock enhances efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. Contact us today to learn the power of CloudApper AI TimeClock, supercharge your UKG/Kronos time clock experience, and streamline workforce management.