Organizations have long relied on employee time clocks to precisely track employee attendance and work hours. They provide a dependable way to accurately record employee time, simplify payroll procedures, and guarantee compliance to labor laws. However, various businesses frequently have particular needs that go beyond those of typical time clocks and demand adaptation. For instance, some firms could need employee verification to stop employee time theft, while others would need attestation for improved compliance. In order to tailor the UKG/Kronos punch in and out procedure to the needs of the customers, CloudApper steps in. Let’s look at CloudApper, which is an affordable and customizable alternative to expensive time clocks that works with any Android or iOS mobile device.

Benefits of CloudApper for UKG Customers

UKG software interfaces and functions well with CloudApper, an employee time capturing system that is easily customized. Organizations benefit from the ability to tailor the employee time capturing process to their own needs. Here are just a few of the many benefits of using CloudApper for UKG time clock:

  • Custom Attestations for Compliance

Custom attestations can be added by organizations to the UKG/Kronos punch in and out process in order to gather and store important data, such as health checks, safety procedures, or acknowledgments that will be useful for compliance in the future.

  • Employee Verification

CloudApper offers a variety of employee verification techniques, such as biometrics, NFC, QR codes, and barcodes. By ensuring that the appropriate worker is clocking in and out, buddy punching, also known as employee time theft, is reduced.

  • Geofencing for Accurate Time Tracking

Organizations can create virtual borders using geofencing with CloudApper. This feature ensures accurate time tracking and prevents unauthorized clock-ins and clock-outs by prohibiting employees from clocking in or out unless they are inside the defined workspace.

  • Job Transfers

CloudApper enables smooth job transfers throughout the punch in and out procedure for businesses where employees rotate jobs or work in several departments or locations. Employees can quickly transition between projects or job categories, ensuring accurate timekeeping.

  • Integration With UKG software 

CloudApper is simple to integrate with UKG software, allowing businesses to take advantage of both systems’ strengths. Organizations can use a unique time capture process and quickly submit the data to UKG thanks to this interface, which guarantees a seamless and secure flow of employee data.

  • Android/iOS Compatibility

 One of CloudApper’s biggest features is its ability to transform any Android or iOS device into a tailored UKG time capture solution, making it a cost-effective but dependable substitute for conventional and pricy time clocks.


Organizations must effectively manage employee time in order to maximize productivity, uphold compliance, and simplify payroll procedures. Although UKG/Kronos provides reliable time clocks, businesses frequently need adjustments to match their unique demands. That solution is offered by CloudApper, which effortlessly connects with UKG and gives businesses access to custom time clock systems via any Android or iOS smartphone. With tailored features like attestations, employee verification, geofencing, job transfers, and more, CloudApper enables businesses to improve the UKG/Kronos punch in and out process and satisfy their unique needs, including enhancing compliance or avoiding employee time theft. Contact us right now to find out how we can assist you.