The journey from pen and paper to cutting-edge technology is often the key to unlocking efficiency and accuracy. Marsh Plating Corporation, a leading metal finishing company based in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA, embarked on this journey by embracing CloudApper AI TimeClock for UKG Ready. Their transition from manual time tracking to a sophisticated biometric solution highlights the transformative power of technology in modern workforce management.

The Essence of Marsh Plating Corporation

With a legacy spanning over 60 years, Marsh Plating Corporation has earned a reputation for excellence in the metal finishing industry. Their offerings encompass a wide array of standard finishes, including Zinc, Electroless Nickel, and Eco-coat, making them a reliable partner for diverse plating needs. The company is driven by a commitment to delivering superior quality, reliability, and service to its valued customers.

The Challenges of Manual Time Tracking

Despite their industry expertise, Marsh Plating Corporation faced a common challenge – the limitations of manual time tracking. Relying on pen and paper to record employee time punches and subsequently entering data into the payroll system proved to be inefficient and error-prone. This approach not only led to inaccuracies in data but also consumed valuable time that could have been utilized more productively. Additionally, manual processes hindered real-time access to employee time data, a crucial component for effective workforce management.

CloudApper AI TimeClock with UKG Ready

Recognizing the need for a modern and efficient time-tracking solution, Marsh Plating Corporation turned to CloudApper AI TimeClock – a solution that seamlessly integrates with UKG Ready, offering a comprehensive answer to their challenges.

Marsh Plating Corporation aimed to streamline its time-tracking process and boost efficiency. Opting for the face-matching configuration within CloudApper AI TimeClock, they embraced touchless biometric punch-ins, aligning perfectly with their objective of minimizing physical contact – a priority heightened by the ongoing pandemic. This approach not only enhanced the safety of their workforce but also prevented time theft and buddy punching, ensuring the integrity of their time-tracking data.

Moreover, CloudApper AI TimeClock’s compatibility with existing tablet devices eliminated additional investments and ensured cost-effectiveness. The seamless integration with UKG Ready provided the company with a comprehensive solution that aligned seamlessly with their workforce management requirements.

Benefits Realized by Marsh Plating Corporation

By implementing CloudApper AI TimeClock, Marsh Plating Corporation unlocked a range of benefits:

Affordability: CloudApper AI TimeClock’s compatibility with existing Android and iOS tablets eliminated the need for costly hardware purchases, presenting a cost-effective solution.

Ease of Use: Employees can now punch in and out with a simple facial scan, eliminating the complexities of manual time tracking.

Customization: CloudApper AI TimeClock’s flexibility allowed Marsh Plating Corporation to incorporate customizations such as job transfers, attestations, and geo-fencing, tailoring the solution to their unique requirements.

Seamless Integration: The integration with UKG Ready ensures smooth data flow and real-time accessibility to employee time punch data.

The Role of CloudApper AI

CloudApper AI, the platform behind CloudApper AI TimeClock, is a testament to modern innovation. CloudApper AI empowers organizations to harness the power of mobility for improved productivity. CloudApper AI TimeClock, a manifestation of this platform, serves as a bridge between manual and digital time tracking, exemplifying how technology can revolutionize workforce management.

The transformational journey of Marsh Plating Corporation from manual time tracking to advanced biometric punch-ins exemplifies the impact of embracing modern technology. Their partnership with CloudApper AI TimeClock for UKG Ready showcases how technology can optimize processes, enhance accuracy, and empower businesses to adapt to changing circumstances. Marsh Plating Corporation’s story underscores the importance of staying ahead in the age of digital transformation, and how innovation can reshape the landscape of workforce management for the better.