In the US, employees receiving tips are quite standard and a significant income source. While employees receiving tips highlight that the customer received excellent service, keeping accurate tip records is essential for employers. According to the IRS, all tips are classified as income and are subject to income taxes. In fact, the IRS requires employees to declare their tips to the employers except for some special cases. Keeping records of tips will prevent fraud and tax all the parties involved appropriately.

One of our recent customers wanted a custom solution to capture employee tip data and send it to UKG Dimensions during punch-outs. Let’s look closer at what the UKG customer wanted, what CloudApper is, and how our AI platform provided them with precisely what they required.

The UKG Customer in a Nutshell

The customer in question is a restaurant owned by a parent company that has several establishments in hospitality, construction, real estate, and other industries. It uses UKG Dimensions to manage its workforce which includes keeping track of employees’ punch time, streamlining the process of making their schedules, managing their accrual balances, and so on.

Challenges Faced by the UKG Customer

Since it’s a restaurant, the waiters and waitresses receive tips. As previously mentioned, it’s required for organizations to keep a record of how much tips their workers have received to provide the right paycheck at the end of the week as well as for tax purposes. Since the organization was already using UKG software, it wanted a custom solution that would ask employees to declare the total tips they’ve received every time they punch out. Naturally, the custom solution must seamlessly integrate with UKG to exchange data. Since tips were involved, a lot of fraudulent activities might take place, and to prevent these issues, the UKG customer also wanted to verify employee identities during clock-ins and clock-outs.

CloudApper Is What the Customer Needed

After searching, the UKG customer found the CloudApper platform and was impressed with its capabilities. It’s a no-code AI platform that seamlessly integrates with UKG – CloudApper is a certified UKG partner. With our CloudApper platform, we can create custom features and add them to UKG solutions easily. CloudApper was the perfect solution for the customer as we configured our employee time capture system to meet their requirements.

With CloudApper, we’ve already created the attestation solution where UKG customers could ask questions to employees before punch submissions regarding lunch breaks, work hours, or anything else necessary. For this customer specifically, we modified the attestations feature to ask employees to declare their tips (if any) during punch-outs. The CloudApper platform can also verify employee identities using facial recognition – making it ideal for the UKG customer. Also, our CloudApper platform works with any Android or iOS device, making it versatile and highly cost-effective.

So, how would CloudApper work with the customer’s UKG solution?

Let’s look at a hypothetical example – Gary got tips today worth $50 while working at the restaurant. When Gary punches out, he’d need to look at the tablet set up by the customer with CloudApper installed. Once CloudApper runs a biometric search and finds a match, it’ll ask whether the employee received tips. Once Gary selects “Yes,” the solution would provide a field where he can input the amount he received for the day – recording it. CloudApper sends the punch and tip data to UKG – making it hassle-free and seamless.

Thanks to CloudApper, the restaurant used any Android or iOS device for employee time capture. Moreover, they could verify employee identities and ask the employees to declare their tips – sending all the data to UKG in real-time. CloudApper helped prevent buddy punching, reduce fraudulent activities, and minimize costs.

Add Custom Features to Your UKG Software

Custom employee time capture systems are just the tip of the iceberg – the CloudApper community for UKG can add any functionality to solutions like UKG Pro, Ready, Dimensions, and Central. Generate custom reports, ping employees regarding their shifts to prevent no-shows, view insights using business intelligence dashboards, and so much more.

Contact us now and let us know your requirements – we do the heavy lifting to customize your UKG experience and make the most out of your workforce data with CloudApper.