For many organizations, especially the ones that have to comply with regularly changing rules and regulations, keeping employees informed is a constant priority. However, with a dispersed workforce or multiple facilities, delivering company-wide announcements can be a logistical nightmare. Imagine having to notify each team or branch about a new policy, upcoming event, or important safety information. It’s time-consuming, resource-intensive, inefficient, and leaves room for error. The CloudApper AI TimeClock for UKG/Kronos can help HR teams seamlessly provide announcements to employees – let’s dive in!

Automate Announcements With AI TimeClock for UKG

CloudApper AI TimeClock offers a customizable employee time capture solution for UKG/Kronos. The AI TimeClock integrates effortlessly with UKG WFC, Ready, and Pro WFM (Dimensions), transforming Android tablets and iPads into user-friendly, custom UKG time clocks. But it does so much more than clocking in and out. Our AI-powered time capture solution provides features like on-device announcements, making it easier than ever to convey crucial information to your employees.

Targeted Announcements at Clock-In

CloudApper AI TimeClock allows UKG customers to configure and provide targeted popup messages that appear after the employees clock in. This strategic placement ensures high visibility and ensures that employees get the critical information right when they start working. UKG customers can leverage these popups to provide various messages, such as:

  • Company-Wide Announcements: Share important news, holidays, upcoming events, or policy changes directly with your workforce.
  • Safety Reminders: Reinforce critical safety protocols or procedures, especially relevant for employees in specific departments or locations.
  • Training Notifications: Inform employees about upcoming training opportunities or deadlines.

However, that’s not all – CloudApper AI TimeClock can also configure how and when the announcements are provided to employees.

Customizing Announcements With CloudApper AI TimeClock

Our AI-powered time capture solution doesn’t limit UKG customers to generic messages. It can customize popups to suit specific requirements – here are some ways to maximize their impact:

  • Home Screen Announcements: Display critical announcements on the custom time clock’s home screen, ensuring all employees see them throughout the workday.
  • Popup Types: Choose between two popup formats: informational announcements or attestation messages. Attestation messages require employee acknowledgment, ensuring everyone receives and understands critical information – and helping with compliance in the process.

Benefits of CloudApper Popup Messages for UKG Users

By implementing CloudApper AI TimeClock with UKG, organizations can enjoy a variety of benefits like:

  • Improved Communication: Streamline company-wide announcements and ensure all employees receive consistent information.
  • Automated Announcements: Eliminate the manual effort of disseminating announcements, reducing HR burden and freeing up resources for more strategic tasks.
  • Enhanced Compliance: Attestation messages provide a documented record of employee acknowledgment of critical policies or procedures.
  • Increased Engagement: Targeted popup messages can help keep employees informed and engaged in company initiatives.

Try Out CloudApper AI TimeClock for UKG Now

CloudApper AI TimeClock empowers UKG users to take control of their employee communication strategy. With our custom time capture solution, we help create a workforce that’s consistently informed, engaged, and compliant. Leverage CloudApper AI TimeClock to transform your UKG system into a communication hub, fostering a more connected and informed work environment. Ready to streamline communication and empower your employees? Contact CloudApper AI now and learn more about how AI TimeClock can revolutionize your UKG experience!