Any given HR team is constantly responsible for ensuring accurate employee timekeeping – it’s needed for compliance, recordkeeping, accurate payroll processing, providing fair pay, and more. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible, as HR teams need to face numerous challenges – one of which is unauthorized employee punches. Also known as “buddy punching” or “ghost punching,” it can create a massive mess for organizations and impact them financially. While employees may consider these seemingly harmless actions, they can have financial and legal repercussions for any organization. Fortunately, there are solutions available that can help combat unauthorized punches – AI-powered hrPad for UKG being one of them. Let’s dive in to see what it’s all about and how CloudApper hrPad can help UKG users keep them at bay.

The Cost of Unauthorized Employee Punches

While it might seem trivial, unauthorized employee punches create a ripple effect of issues for businesses across the states. According to studies, businesses lose around 4.5 hours weekly due to employee time theft. This translates to significant financial losses over time, impacting everything from payroll accuracy to budgeting and profitability.

But the damage goes beyond dollars and cents. Inaccurate timekeeping due to unauthorized punches can:

  • Skew Productivity Metrics: Inflated work hours paint an unrealistic picture of actual output, hindering accurate project planning and resource allocation.
  • Disrupt Labor Compliance: Failing to adhere to legal regulations regarding break times and maximum working hours may very well result in hefty fines and legal repercussions.
  • Diminish Employee Morale: When some “cheat the system,” it breeds resentment and a lack of trust among honest employees, lowering overall morale and engagement.

Combat Unauthorized Employee Punches With hrPad for UKG

Fortunately, UKG HCM users don’t have to fight this battle alone. AI-powered solutions like CloudApper hrPad can easily prevent unauthorized punches, safeguard your timekeeping data, and foster a culture of honesty.

How hrPad Helps

hrPad seamlessly integrates with UKG, adding a layer of intelligence and security to your existing infrastructure. Here’s how it disrupts the “buddy punching” game:

  • Employee Verification: Say goodbye to buddy punching with face ID – hrPad utilizes secure facial recognition to ensure only authorized employees can clock in or out, eliminating buddy punching.
  • Location-Based Restrictions: Configure specific “geofences” so employees can only clock in or out from designated locations, preventing punches outside authorized areas.
  • Real-Time Alerts: hrPad can provide alerts to managers if punches fall outside pre-set parameters, such as unauthorized time clocks or locations, allowing for immediate intervention.

hrPad is Built for More Than Just Timekeeping

While preventing unauthorized punches is crucial, hrPad offers a broader spectrum of benefits to HR teams:

  • 24/7 HR Support for Employees: hrPad’s AI-driven chatbot provides employees with instant answers to FAQs, help with HR policy clarifications, and more – freeing up HR professionals for strategic tasks.
  • AI-Powered Employee Self-Service: Empowers employees to manage HCM tasks such as PTO management, viewing open shifts, accessing paystubs, and more- reducing administrative burdens.
  • Customizable Workflows: Tailor time capture processes to meet unique needs by creating custom fields and forms to capture specific data like tips, certifications, or safety training completions.
  • Assisting With Frontline Recruitment: Attract and hire top talent for frontlines faster with an AI-powered chatbot and a user-friendly candidate referral tool.
  • Data Capture Flexibility: hrPad seamlessly works with any tablet – be it an Android device or iPad – ensuring an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for everyone involved.

Why You Need hrPad for UKG

Given the intense competition organizations operate in, every minute counts. With CloudApper hrPad, organizations can go beyond preventing unauthorized punches for UKG – the solution can:

  • Increase Productivity: Accurate timekeeping ensures optimal resource allocation and data-driven decision-making, boosting overall efficiency.
  • Improve Compliance: Reduce the risk of legal violations and fines with accurate and secure timekeeping practices.
  • Enhance Employee Engagement: Foster a culture of trust and transparency by promoting fair and accurate timekeeping practices.
  • Reduce Administrative Costs: Automate tedious tasks like data entry and verification, freeing up HR resources for strategic initiatives.


CloudApper hrPad for UKG isn’t your typical employee time capture solution – it’s an AI-powered HRSD solution designed to take HCM automation to the next level. With its robust set of features, level of customization, versatility, and seamless UKG integration, it empowers you to build a more efficient, compliant, and employee-centric workforce. Contact CloudApper AI now to learn how hrPad can help you unlock the full potential of your workforce.