In order to keep up with intense competition and stay profitable, organizations focus on optimizing costs and processes, among other aspects. Most organizations choose to focus on workforce management as, typically, there’s a lot of room for improvement. For instance, many are adopting different strategies like implementing employee time clock solutions to streamline workforce management – UKG provides the most prominent ones. However, many organizations want the perfect balance between the best solution and affordability. One of these organizations recently chose our CloudApper platform’s RightPunch, which works seamlessly with their existing UKG solution – Dimensions.

Let’s dive deep into why they chose our platform for submitting employee punches to UKG Dimensions and how the CloudApper community for UKG is perfect for customizations.

An EMS Provider Chose CloudApper for UKG Dimensions

A global electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider based in the US was looking to replace its existing time clock solution. However, with the existing solution, the organization had already invested in several iPads – they wanted a new solution that could utilize the devices.

After searching thoroughly for an affordable employee time capture solution, the EMS provider found CloudApper RightPunch for submitting employee punches.

How CloudApper Helps UKG Customers

RightPunch is built using CloudApper – a no-code AI platform that helps customize UKG solutions. It houses a plethora of solutions that integrate and work seamlessly with UKG solutions like WF Central, Dimensions, Ready, and Pro. CloudApper can provide any functionality to meet the unique requirements of UKG customers – helping their existing solutions work their way. One of the solutions CloudApper provides for UKG is RightPunch – a robust and affordable solution for employee time capture.

That being said, let’s examine why the EMS provider chose CloudApper RightPunch for UKG Dimensions and which option they chose.

Why the Organization Chose RightPunch for UKG

CloudApper RightPunch is an affordable and customizable employee time capture solution. Since RightPunch works with any Android and iOS device, it is ideal for organizations that want to retain existing devices. In this case, the UKG customer had several iPads – which RightPunch can easily use to capture employee punches and send them to UKG Dimensions, thanks to the CloudApper platform.

Speaking of UKG Dimensions, the CloudApper platform integrates and works seamlessly with the software – another reason the customer chose our time capture solution. As a matter of fact, CloudApper is a certified UKG partner and integrates with UKG WF Central, Ready, Dimensions, and Pro for data exchange and customization.

How CloudApper Simplifies Employee Punches for the UKG Customer

RightPunch simplifies how employees submit punches and utilizes QR codes. Once CloudApper is integrated with UKG Dimensions, it’s installed on the iPads, and the devices are placed at the sites for employee punches. After the employees are registered into the system, they are provided with QR codes for submitting punches. When an employee comes in to submit the punch, they simply hold the QR code in front of the iPad’s camera – RightPunch scans the QR code to identify the employee. Once the employee is identified successfully, the punch data is created with the current date and time and then sent to UKG Dimensions – making the entire process quick, easy, and straightforward.

CloudApper Eliminates Hassles While Adding UKG Customizations

CloudApper provides UKG customizations quickly and efficiently while eliminating the hassle of integration and custom development. UKG customers only need to provide us with the requirements – we handle the rest for them.

Capturing employee time punches and sending them to UKG Dimensions is only one of the many things possible with CloudApper. Besides QR codes, customers can also use barcodes, PINs, and even facial recognition to submit employee punches to UKG solutions. Moreover, CloudApper enhances UKG solutions by generating custom reports, adding attestations during employee punches, tracking employee tasks using NFC tags, preventing unexpected employee absences, interacting with employees using SMS or emails, and so much more. CloudApper is the perfect tool for customizing UKG software.

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