Workforce management is a crucial aspect of any business since it plays a major role in determining the organization’s success. With UKG software solutions, organizations have been effectively managing their workforce. While UKG provides a wide range of tools that help businesses to manage their employees, improve productivity, and reduce costs, some organizations need specific customizations to meet their business needs – something that the CloudApper community for UKG can help with. That being said, let’s take a closer look at the CloudApper community, how it complements UKG solutions and a recent example where both the solutions worked together to help a customer with cost reduction.

The CloudApper Platform Is Perfect for UKG Software

The CloudApper community enables UKG customers to add new functionality to their existing solutions. CloudApper is a no-code platform that seamlessly integrates with UKG software solutions like UKG WF Central, Ready, Dimensions, and Pro. With the help of CloudApper and its solution experts, organizations can add different functionalities to their UKG solutions such as capturing employee time with QR codes, tracking employee tasks, generating custom reports, and so much more! CloudApper helps UKG customers fully utilize employee data to optimize workforce management, reduce costs, and ensure compliance.

While that’s the CloudApper community in a nutshell, let’s look at what an organization recently required and how our platform added the functionality to its existing UKG solution, UKG Ready.

How CloudApper Helped Out a UKG Customer Recently

An organization dealing with trucking equipment recently faced an interesting problem that CloudApper solved. The organization already had iPads available which it wanted to utilize for capturing employee punches. However, it also wanted to use the punch method already used by its employees – badges to punch in and punch out. Since the employees were already familiar with using badges to start and end their work, using the same workflow with the organization’s iPads would be ideal for them and have no significant learning curve.

With CloudApper, the organization precisely got what it required. CloudApper added its custom employee time capture solution to the organization’s solution (UKG Ready) that helped integrate QR codes into existing badges.

As a result, with CloudApper, the organization is easily able to continue using the employee badges to clock in and out, while also taking advantage of the new iPad-based employee time capture system. The QR code on the badge, when scanned, would clock the employee in or out, similar to the existing process – making it convenient and user-friendly for the employees.

In a nutshell, CloudApper helped the UKG customer keep using the same, familiar workflow while also upgrading the employee time capture system using iPads – reducing costs significantly while preventing time theft and buddy punching.

Cloudapper for UKG Can Do a Lot More

The CloudApper platform helps add new features to UKG solutions easily. With our AI platform, UKG customers can capture employee time with NFC, verify employees during punch-ins and punch-outs using biometrics, streamline job transfers, view business intelligence dashboards using employee data, send custom notifications, and so much more.

Contact us to learn more about how the CloudApper community can help add new features to your existing UKG solutions to meet your workforce management needs and reduce costs significantly.