Lately, a common piece of news within workforce management is about UKG customers shifting to Dimensions from Workforce Central (WFC). That’s because WFC is at its end of life – it will be discontinued by the end of 2025. With that, time clocks that only support WFC will also become obsolete. UKG itself has suggested WFC customers transition to its modern Dimensions solution. However, for the hardware, UKG customers have always had the option to choose something that meets their requirements, budgets, and workflows.

This article talks about a UKG customer going through the same scenario. Let’s explore the problems the customer was facing, what they were searching for, and why RightPunch, a solution created by the CloudApper community for UKG,  is the perfect custom time capture solution that met their exact requirements.

Challenges Faced by the Chemical Manufacturer

A US-based chemical manufacturing company currently uses UKG’s WFC solution and one of its proprietary time clocks. Since WFC will become obsolete quite soon, the UKG customer is shifting to UKG Dimensions this year. Moreover, the customer will also move away from the time clock hardware as it only supports WFC. Another noteworthy point is that the UKG customer is using QR codes for a different purpose and would like to use them for employee punches too.

To summarize, the UKG customer was searching for a custom time capture solution that would leverage the existing QR codes for submitting employee punches to UKG Dimensions. Since the employees are already accustomed to using QR codes, using them for punches would have a short learning curve. However, there aren’t many solutions available that would meet the customer’s precise requirements.

After searching for a viable custom employee time capture solution for UKG Dimensions, the customer found CloudApper RightPunch.

CloudApper RightPunch for UKG in a Nutshell

CloudApper RightPunch is a custom employee time capture solution that works seamlessly with UKG solutions. Customers can use iOS and Android mobile devices to capture employee time and send them to UKG WFC, Dimensions, and Ready. Moreover, organizations can choose either PINs, barcodes, QR codes, or facial recognition for employee punches – making RightPunch a versatile solution.

Why the Customer Chose RightPunch for UKG Dimensions

It’s quite clear why the UKG customer went for RightPunch – the solution leverages QR codes to submit employee punches. Moreover, CloudApper RightPunch works seamlessly with UKG Dimensions, Ready, Pro, and even WFC. With RightPunch, the organization can use any Android or iOS device to capture employee punches – making it not only suitable but also highly affordable. All in all, RightPunch is the only employee time capture solution that met their specific requirements – they were amazed when they found out that we can leverage QR codes!

Customize Your UKG Solution with CloudApper

CloudApper’s RightPunch is just the tip of the iceberg – the platform can do so much more! CloudApper helps customize UKG solutions by providing custom features – UKG customers can track employee tasks, prevent chaos caused by unexpected employee absenteeism, view employee data on custom dashboards, and more. Our platform can provide these features (and more) quickly and easily, preventing integration and customization hassles for customers.

Contact us now to learn how our CloudApper platform can customize your UKG experience and make the most out of your employee data.