Assume that your frontline employees, who are the most important part of your organization, are constantly inquiring HR about their attendance points. Isn’t this disruptive? Here comes CloudApper AI TimeClock, a game changer designed specifically for UKG Pro that gives your frontline the self-service they want.

View Attendance Points from AI TimeClock 

Designed specifically for UKG Pro users, CloudApper AI TimeClock is a game-changer. It brings a plethora of self-service options directly to frontline employees’ fingertips.

Software-Based Time Tracking Solution:

Say goodbye to physical time clocks and hello to software-based solutions. CloudApper turns any tablet or iPad into a UKG time clock, saving time and costs.

View Attendance Points with Ease: 

No more HR inquiries! Employees can see their attendance points in real-time, directly on the time clock. Transparency fosters trust and empowers them to manage their time effectively.

Frontline Self-Service Capabilities:

CloudApper AI TimeClock empowers frontline employees with a range of self-service options:

  • PTO Requests at Your Fingertips: Gone are the days of paper forms and lost requests. Employees can submit PTO requests directly through the time clock, streamlining the approval process and saving HR valuable time.
  • Surveys on the Go: Gather valuable feedback instantly with embedded surveys. Pulse surveys, satisfaction polls, and targeted questions – the possibilities are endless!
  • AI Assistant: Your Virtual Timekeeper: Need help viewing schedules, or understanding policies? The AI assistant is always there to answer questions and guide employees through the system.
  • Shift Visibility and Bidding: Stay informed about upcoming shifts and participate in open bidding processes – all within the time clock app. Increased transparency and control over schedules boost employee morale and engagement.
  • Job Transfers Made Simple: Interested in a new opportunity within the company? Initiate job transfer  directly through the time clock, simplifying the process and promoting internal mobility.

Customizable Features to Suit Your Needs:

CloudApper AI TimeClock isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s built to be flexible, allowing you to choose the features that best fit your organization’s needs.

Seamless UKG Integration:

CloudApper AI TimeClock seamlessly integrates with UKG Pro, ensuring all data flows smoothly and automatically.


  • Will CloudApper replace my UKG Pro system?

No, CloudApper complements UKG Pro, adding a powerful self-service layer that empowers your frontline and streamlines HR processes.

  • Is CloudApper secure?

Absolutely! CloudApper utilizes bank-level security measures to protect employee data and comply with industry regulations.

  • Is it easy to use?

Yes! CloudApper’s intuitive interface and AI assistant make it user-friendly for everyone, from tech-savvy employees to those comfortable with traditional methods.

  • Can I see a demo?

Of course! Schedule a free demo today and experience the future of self-service time and attendance management firsthand.