For any HR team, ensuring accurate employee timekeeping goes beyond simply recording punches. Forgotten clock-ins and outs can create a domino effect of errors, where missed punches can mean opposite actions to the system – leading to payroll discrepancies, compliance risks, and administrative headaches. Fortunately, CloudApper hrPad for UKG Ready can help prevent these errors by setting up time restrictions – streamlining the process for a smoother timekeeping experience, and reducing losses.

The Dangers of Punch Omissions

Let’s paint a familiar picture: An employee sprints out the door at the end of their shift, forgetting to clock out. While seemingly harmless, this simple misstep can trigger a chain reaction of errors. Typically, any HCM system interprets the next day’s clock-in as a clock-out, leading to inaccurate overtime calculations and potential payroll issues. This situation highlights the need for time restrictions, acting as guardrails to prevent misinterpretations and maintain data integrity. As mentioned, CloudApper hrPad can help UKG Ready users with this – more on that later.

The Benefits of Setting Up Time Restrictions

Implementing time restrictions offers several advantages:

  • Preventing Double Punches: Restrict punches within a reasonable timeframe after previous entries, eliminating the possibility of recording the same action twice.
  • Minimizing Missed Punches: Set minimum and maximum allowable gaps between punches, prompting employees to correct omissions before leaving the workplace.

  • Ensuring Compliance: Adhere to labor regulations regarding work hours by setting limits on maximum consecutive hours and minimum break times.
  • Reducing Payroll Discrepancies: Accurate punch data translates to accurate payroll calculations, saving time and resources spent correcting errors.

Set Up Time Restrictions With CloudApper hrPad for UKG Ready

An AI-powered HRSD solution, CloudApper hrPad seamlessly integrates with UKG Ready, transforming timekeeping into a streamlined and AI-powered experience. Here’s a glimpse into its capabilities:

  • Intuitive Configuration: Set granular time restrictions for employees, groups, or locations based on specific work schedules and compliance requirements.
  • Real-Time Alerts: The solution alerts the employees immediately via pop-ups if their punches fall outside pre-set restrictions.
  • Flexible Design: Choose from various restriction options, including minimum/maximum gaps, allowable punch sequences, and time windows for specific actions.

Eliminating the Domino Effect

With CloudApper hrPad, forgotten clock-outs no longer spiral into data chaos. Imagine this: An employee forgets to clock out on Friday. When they clock in on Monday, hrPad recognizes the extended gap and prompts them to record their Friday punch-out. This simple correction prevents misinterpretations and ensures accurate timekeeping data.

hrPad Can Do More Than Set Up Time Restrictions

While time restrictions address a crucial need, CloudApper hrPad offers a broader spectrum of benefits:

  • 24/7 HR Support: An AI chatbot assists employees with frequently asked questions, requests, and self-service options, freeing up HR teams.
  • Employee Self-Service: Empower employees to take control of their HR experience with features like managing attendance, submitting leave requests, and viewing paystubs.
  • Custom Data Capture: Tailor your timekeeping system to unique needs by creating custom fields and forms to capture specific data that matters most to your organization.
  • Employee Verification: Ensure legitimacy and combat time theft with secure authentication via facial recognition.
  • Frontline Recruitment: Attract and hire top frontline talent faster using existing employees to refer candidates while the AI-powered chatbot screens them.
  • Tablet Compatibility: Leverage any Android tablet or iPad for convenient time capture for a budget-friendly and versatile experience.


With CloudApper hrPad, HR teams can not only set up time restrictions – they can unlock a world of AI-powered automation, seamless integration, and a plethora of features designed to empower their workforce and elevate the HCM experience. Find out how CloudApper hrPad can transform your UKG Ready experience for smoother and more accurate timekeeping, efficient operations, and empowered employees. Contact CloudApper AI today and discover how AI can elevate UKG Ready and take your HCM processes to the next level.