UKG Ready shines as a reliable, popular, and robust tool for employee time and attendance management. Its user-friendly interface and core functionalities cater perfectly to businesses seeking streamlined timekeeping solutions. Did you know that you can augment it with AI for organizations that have unique customization requirements? That’s right – AI-powered tablet-based solutions like CloudApper hrPad for UKG Ready can help take it to the next level.

Let’s take a closer look at CloudApper hrPad and how both the AI-powered solution and time clock devices supporting UKG Ready can easily ensure employees clock in and out from assigned time capture devices.

hrPad for AI-Powered Employee Timekeeping

Imagine using Android tablets or iPads as dedicated time clock devices, HR assistants for providing 24/7 employee support, and more – all of which you can set up across your facility quickly and easily. hrPad for UKG Ready makes this a reality, transforming Android tablets and iPads into secure and convenient time clocks while providing a user-friendly interface for employees to use.

hrPad is highly customizable – meaning that we can easily configure it to ensure that employees can only clock in and out of their assigned time clocks.

Ensuring Employees Clock In/Out With Designated Time Clocks

Once set up and integrated with UKG Ready, hrPad can be configured to let certain employee groups punch in and out from certain locations or devices you’ve set up across your facility. After configuring it, whenever the employee punches in, the solution searches for the employee within the group it’s assigned to accept clocks ins and outs from – if they are not within the list, their punch-in will not be accepted. It’s as simple as that.

But CloudApper hrPad is so much more – it’s an AI-powered HRSD solution for UKG Ready users.


AI TimeClock for UKG

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hrPad’s Vast Capabilities for UKG Ready

hrPad augments UKG Ready’s capabilities in various ways:

  • AI-Powered HR Support: hrPad has an AI chatbot to provide employees with HR support 24/7 – this is particularly useful for shift workers who don’t get access to HR teams during their work hours – reducing frustrations and minimizing queues.
  • Captures Custom Data: Need to capture employee attestations, the amount of tips they’ve received, or employee survey answers? hrPad does all of that easily – helping with recordkeeping for compliance purposes and listening to employee feedback.
  • Employee Self-Service: With hrPad, employees can request PTOs, check their timecards, request shifts, view accruals, and more – improving employee engagement and reducing HR burden.
  • Customization: Craft the perfect timekeeping experience. Use custom fields, configure workflows, and connect with third-party systems to align with your unique company culture and operational needs.

CloudApper hrPad does all of the above and more.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at how UKG Ready users can ensure that employees clock in and out using the designated InTouch time clocks.

Setting up Employees to Clock In and Out With Assigned Time Clocks

In UKG Ready, users can do it via the clock configuration. The admin needs to go to “Company Settings” > “System” > “InTouch Installations”. The admin can then add a list of employees that they want to clock in and out using the assigned time clock. For instance, with clock A, only the list of employees within group A will be able to punch in and out. Typically, all clocks allow all employees by default. However, setting up these lists can limit which employees use which clocks – ensuring flexibility and reducing errors.

Augment UKG Ready With CloudApper hrPad

Take UKG Ready to the next level with CloudApper hrPad – it’s your key to unlocking AI-powered timekeeping that ensures precision, empowers employees, and streamlines your HR processes. Start your journey and easily adopt and utilize AI now with hrPad for UKG Ready – contact us now to learn more.