Ensuring compliance with state labor laws is crucial for employers. One such regulation that employers in Connecticut must adhere to is the Connecticut Meal Break Rule. Let’s explore how you can enforce this rule effectively using the CloudApper hrPad UKG/Kronos Time Clock and avoid penalties and fines.

Understanding the Connecticut Meal Break Rule

Mandatory 30-Minute Meal Break

Under Connecticut state law, employers are required to provide at least one 30-minute meal break to employees who work 7 ½ consecutive hours or more. This break must occur sometime after two hours and before 5 ½ hours of work. 

Exemptions and Exceptions

While the law mandates meal breaks for most employees, there are exemptions and exceptions to consider. Situations where compliance could harm public safety or when certain positions require continuous work may be exempt from the rule. Additionally, employers with fewer than five employees on a shift or those with positions that can only be performed by one employee may be exempt. 

Leveraging a UKG/Kronos Time Clock for Compliance

Introduction to CloudApper hrPad

CloudApper hrPad is a tablet/iPad-based UKG/Kronos Time Clock designed specifically for integration with UKG Pro WFM and UKG Ready. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, hrPad streamlines time tracking and ensures compliance with labor laws, including the Connecticut Meal Break Rule.

Automated Compliance Management

One of the key features of CloudApper hrPad is its automated compliance management capabilities. Employees can easily punch in and out during meal break times using the tablet/iPad interface. If an employee attempts to clock in early, hrPad can prevent them from clocking in. If they forget about their meal break, hrPad can send alerts via SMS or email, reminding them to take their required break.

Capturing Attestation for Compliance

In addition to tracking meal break times, CloudApper hrPad also captures attestation to ensure compliance with the Connecticut Meal Break Rule. This documentation provides employers with a record of compliance and helps protect against potential penalties imposed by the Labor Commissioner.


In conclusion, enforcing compliance with the Connecticut Meal Break Rule is essential for employers to avoid penalties and maintain a positive reputation. With UKG/Kronos and CloudApper hrPad, you can streamline compliance management and ensure that your organization meets its legal obligations. Request a free demo today and experience the benefits of automated compliance management firsthand!