Busy work schedules are a reality for everyone. In the midst of deadlines and back-to-back meetings, forgetting to clock in or out happens. While seemingly minor, these missed punches can create major headaches for both employees and companies. Inaccurate payroll calculations and employee dissatisfaction are just a few of the potential consequences. But for UKG Pro WFM customers, there’s a solution that streamlines the process of correcting a missed punch and ensures accurate timekeeping – CloudApper AI TimeClock.

CloudApper empowers UKG Pro WFM users to correct a missed punch effortlessly. It offers two convenient options:

  1. Missed Punch Notifications: CloudApper can automatically send email or SMS alerts to employees if they haven’t clocked in or out after a set time. This gentle nudge reminds them to correct a missed punch promptly, minimizing inaccuracies in their timecards.
  2. Attestation: Employees can still correct a missed punch using the attestation feature if a notification goes unnoticed. They simply enter the accurate time and provide a brief explanation, and the request goes to their manager for approval.

Benefits Beyond Correcting a Missed Punch 

CloudApper goes beyond just fixing timekeeping hiccups. It unlocks a treasure trove of advantages for UKG Pro WFM users:

  • Accurate Payroll: Eliminate discrepancies and ensure everyone receives fair compensation. No more manual adjustments, no more confusion – just accurate paychecks that keep employees happy.
  • Reduced Administration: Stop wasting time on manual timekeeping adjustments. CloudApper automates notifications, streamlines attestation, and integrates seamlessly with UKG Pro WFM, freeing up valuable HR resources.
  • Improved Employee Satisfaction: Give your team the power to manage their time effectively. With CloudApper’s self-service features, employees can view schedules, request time off, and access paystubs independently, fostering a sense of ownership and reducing HR workload.

CloudApper AI TimeClock offers even more value for UKG Pro WFM customers:

  • AI Assistants: Imagine having an HR expert right on your time clock. In real-time, CloudApper’s AI assistants answer employee questions about benefits, policies, paystubs, and more. This reduces strain on HR teams and empowers employees with instant information, fostering a culture of self-service and independence.
  • Self-Service: Forget clunky portals and endless emails. CloudApper’s self-service portal allows employees to manage their schedules, request time off, and access paystubs directly through the time clock. This streamlines HR processes, reducing paperwork and freeing up valuable time for both employees and HR professionals.
  • Feedback Collection: Want to know how your employees are feeling? CloudApper’s built-in feedback collection feature makes gathering feedback effortless and anonymous. Simply embed short surveys or feedback prompts within the time clock app. This valuable data helps you gauge employee sentiment, identify areas of improvement, and build a more engaged and satisfied workforce.
  • No Hardware Dependency:  CloudApper utilizes existing Android or iOS-based tablets or smartphones, eliminating the need for dedicated hardware. This saves costs, simplifies deployment, and ensures accessibility for all employees, regardless of location.

Ready to say goodbye to missed punch woes? Visit our website today to learn more about CloudApper AI TimeClock and discover how it can help your organization correct missed punches effortlessly, improve timekeeping accuracy, and boost employee satisfaction. Don’t let busy schedules lead to payroll errors – correct a missed punch the smart way with CloudApper!