iPads are reliable, user-friendly tools that have become ubiquitous not only in our daily lives but also in workplaces. Many kiosks are powered by Android tablets and iPads. iPads are robust, readily available, reliable, and offer unmatched software support – qualities that naturally lead many HR teams to wonder, “Can we use iPads as Kronos/UKG time clocks?” The answer is a resounding yes, but there’s a crucial piece to this puzzle – CloudApper hrPad for UKG. This powerful AI-powered HRSD solution seamlessly integrates with UKG Pro WFM (Dimensions), transforming iPads into secure, feature-rich time capture devices and unlocking a world of benefits beyond employee time capture.

Why Organizations Want to Use iPads as Time Clocks

  • Readily Available & Universal: iPads are readily available, eliminating waiting times, the need for additional purchases, or complex deployments. Plus, their universal adoption translates to user familiarity and ease of use.
  • Easy Repair & Replacement: Repairs are quite straightforward, especially if your ones are still under warranty, and you can easily replace broken ones – minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity.
  • Long-Standing Software Support: Apple’s commitment to long-term support guarantees that you can use iPads as employee time capture devices that get feature and security updates for years to come.
  • Tried & Tested: Ever since iPads were introduced, they have established their effectiveness, versatility, and robustness as dependable tools, offering peace of mind for everyone involved.

ClouddApper hrPad is the bridge you need to make the most out of iPads as Kronos/UKG time capture devices.

Use iPads as Time Clocks With hrPad for UKG Pro WFM

CloudApper hrPad is an AI-powered HRSD solution that empowers HR teams to not only utilize iPads as Kronos/UKG time clocks but also customize employee time capture.

Effortless Customization

Craft personalized time capture flows beyond employee punches. Capture essential data like tips, attestations, and project codes by adding them to clock-ins or outs as per your organization’s requirements.

Automated HCM Tasks

Automate HCM tasks such as answering employee queries, providing HR support, complex timekeeping calculations, and more – freeing up HR for strategic initiatives.

Custom Data Capture

Capture custom employee data efficiently, such as survey results, training completions, safety incidents, and anything else to meet the organization’s unique needs.

24/7 Employee Support

An AI-powered chatbot is available 24/7 to assist employees with FAQs related to HR policies and can redirect them to relevant resources, reducing HR burdens and improving employee satisfaction.

Verify Employee Identities

Facial recognition technology using iPads eliminates buddy punching and ensures fair pay by guaranteeing only authorized users clock in and out.

Boosts Compliance Efforts

Automating employee timekeeping data capture along with facial recognition minimizes compliance risks, giving peace of mind about accurate timekeeping and adherence to labor regulations.

Empowering Self-Service

Foster ownership and reduce administrative burdens by offering employees the power to request leaves, view paystubs, and more using hrPad.

Enhance Frontline Recruitment Processes

Attract and hire top frontline talent faster with an AI-powered chatbot for initial candidate screening while utilizing existing employees to refer potential candidates.

hrPad Does More Than Convert iPads Into Kronos/UKG Time Clocks

CloudApper hrPad augments UKG Pro WFM, transforming iPads into custom Kronos/UKG time clocks while unlocking a spectrum of additional benefits:

  • Reduce Employee Time Theft: Facial recognition eliminates fraudulent punching, ensuring accurate timekeeping and fair pay.
  • Boost Employee Engagement: Offer flexible schedules, empower employees with self-service, and provide 24/7 support, fostering a happier, more engaged workforce.
  • Gain Useful Insights: Leverage AI-powered analytics and custom data capture to gain deeper insights into your workforce, make informed decisions, and predict future requirements.

Ready To Use iPads as Custom Kronos/UKG Time Clocks?

CloudApper hrPad isn’t just about using iPads as Kronos/UKG time clocks; it’s about unlocking the full potential of your UKG Pro WFM (Dimensions) and creating a dynamic, flexible, and employee-centric workforce management system. Contact CloudApper AI now and discover how hrPad can help you use iPads as your custom Kronos/UKG time clocks and automate HCM processes, reduce employee time theft, and empower your workforce.