Organizations have been using employee time clocks for decades. These help track working hours, calculate payroll, keep attendance, calculate overtime, and more. While the earliest time clocks could only house employee punch-in and punch-out times, modern time clocks, such as UKG solutions, have advanced capabilities. Also, earlier time clocks were primarily used by large manufacturing organizations. Nowadays, most organizations are utilizing modern time clocks.

Let’s take a look at the problems a recent UKG customer faced, why they chose our RightPunch solution, and how easily it integrates with UKG to capture punches the way they want to.

Challenges Faced by the UKG Customer

A reputed charitable organization in Canada had been using an employee time clock for years. However, the time clock had reached its end-of-life stage – prompting the organization to look for a suitable replacement.

The organization was looking for an employee time clock solution that:

  • Works with UKG Dimensions
  • Is cost-effective
  • Supports facial biometrics
  • Is easy to integrate and implement

The organization talked to UKG and decided to use a time clock solution that works with its Dimensions solution. However, they were looking for an affordable solution since standard biometric employee time clocks can be quite expensive. Moreover, the organization wanted to capture employee punches without any physical contact, which is why they wanted facial biometrics. Another reason why they wanted biometrics was to reduce buddy punching – preventing time theft in the process.

After researching thoroughly, the organization chose CloudApper’s RightPunch, an affordable employee time capture solution that UKG recommended.

Why the UKG Customer Chose RightPunch

Well, CloudApper’s RightPunch solution fits the organization’s requirements perfectly! RightPunch is an employee time clock solution that easily turns any Android or iOS tablet into a time capture device and seamlessly integrates with UKG. RightPunch also allows users to capture employee punches using face matching, QR code or barcode scanning, or NFC tags. All of this made RightPunch the perfect solution for the organization’s time clock requirements – it’s affordable, works with any device, can capture employee punches using face biometrics, and integrates with UKG Dimensions.

How RightPunch Is Helping the Organization

Once the organization integrated RightPunch with UKG Dimensions and deployed it, the solution streamlined employee punches. The organization uses an iPad to capture employee punches and verify their identities. Employees simply look at the screen, and the solution does the rest – making it quite easy to use. Moreover, the employees don’t need to remember any IDs or passwords – making submitting punches easier than ever for them!

RightPunch saves the organization thousands of dollars even if time theft and buddy punches were excluded. Standard biometric time clocks can cost several thousand dollars each, whereas, with RightPunch, only an iPad and the solution are needed. Even though the organization was using the solution at eight locations, the total cost was far less than what one biometric employee time clock would’ve cost – making RightPunch extremely cost-effective.

RightPunch Is the Perfect Time Capture Solution for UKG

CloudApper’s RightPunch seamlessly integrates with UKG solutions such as WFC, WFD, WFR, and Pro. For UKG customers that want to avoid investing in expensive time clocks, RightPunch is the perfect alternative. It also provides different options for submitting employee punches like QR codes, barcodes, face matching, and NFC codes – organizations can choose whichever method suits their needs.

Contact us now to learn more about how RightPunch can prevent time theft, reduce buddy punching, and improve productivity at your organization.