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Elevate your employee experience and streamline HR with CloudApper AI. hrGPT simplifies access to personalized HR data and automates self-service workflows to remove bottlenecks and lower costs.


Works Seamlessly With the Following UKG Solutions:

UKG-WF-Central UKG WF Central
UKG-Dimensions UKG Pro Workforce Management
UKG-Ready UKG Ready

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UKG Solutions:
UKG-Pro-Workforce-Management UKG Pro WFM
UKG-Ready UKG Ready
UKG-HR-process-transformation UKG HR process transformation
UKG-AI-powered-self-service UKG AI-powered self-service
UKG-employee-engagement UKG employee engagement

CloudApper hrGPT:

Your One-Stop Platform to Simplify AI Adoption
for Any HCM Need

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, HR teams face immense pressure. hrGPT is your answer to navigating these complexities with ease. From talent acquisition and feedback interpretation to swiftly handling benefits inquiries and self-service demands, our platform is the seamless solution. We simplify the AI integration journey, making sure you harness the full potential of AI for every HCM challenge. 

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Boost Employee
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Case Study

“Transforming Employee Experience: Heluna Health’s Success Story With CloudApper’s hrGPT HCM Automation Solution and UKG Pro”
Discover how Heluna Health automated their HCM processes by leveraging the power of CloudApper hrGPT and UKG Pro, enabling seamless employee communication and fostering higher engagement and efficiency.
Heluna Health
City of Industry, California, USA

Increase Workforce Productivity With
AI-Powered HCM Automation at Your Fingertips


Employee Self-Service

With AI-powered conversations, employees can ask for PTO, access their schedules, submit time, and more by simply submitting a request through any messaging solution.

Manage Shifts

Let hrGPT streamline shift management by enabling employees to confirm shift attendance, swap shifts, and bid for open shifts through automated workflows.

Smart Surveys

By leveraging natural language understanding and AI, hrGPT can automatically complete surveys based on conversational input collected from employees.

Check Accruals

Using AI-enabled interactions, employees can automate the process of checking their accrual balances for vacation, sick leave, or other benefits.

HR Policy & Benefits Info

Employees can leverage hrGPT to easily access and obtain information regarding company policies or inquire about various HR procedures and guidelines.

Candidate Acquisition

Elevate your hiring process with Text to Apply and offer candidates a seamless application experience through simple text messages. Engage them with natural interactions powered by AI, eliminating cumbersome forms and ensuring efficiency at every step.

Streamlined Talent Management

hrGPT simplifies employee onboarding, learning, development, and internal mobility by automating data collection, analyzing skill gaps, and providing guidance.

hrGPT can be customized to automate nearly any workforce and HR function! We support all major communication channels for a seamless employee experience.


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