Imagine a world where your workforce can easily manage their schedules, request PTOs, and access other self-service benefits instantly with a few taps. That’s precisely what HR teams get when they enhance UKG employee self-service with AI-powered solutions like CloudApper hrPad.

UKG employee self-service is a game-changer for HR teams. It empowers employees to take control, reduces the workload on HR, and boosts overall engagement. But what if you could take it to the next level? What if you can utilize kiosk tablets and use them in a way that ESS is made more accessible and easier than ever? That’s what AI does – helping put employees in charge of their own HCM tasks to reduce HR pressure and improve engagement.

Here’s how an AI-powered HRSD solution for UKG, like CloudApper hrPad, helps enhance ESS: 

  • Simplifies the Process: hrPad is very simple to use for any employee, thanks to its AI-powered chatbot. The AI assistant understands natural language, guiding employees through HCM tasks with personalized instructions and instant answers. It’s crystal-clear self-service on autopilot with hrPad.
  • Provides 24/7 HR Support: With hrPad, UKG users can automate employee query management and reduce the burden on HR teams. hrPad’s 24/7 AI-powered chatbot is always available on the tablets placed on kiosks, ready to address any question about PTO, benefits, payroll, or schedule changes. Ensure instant resolutions anytime because a happy, informed workforce is a productive one.

  • Automates Repetitive HCM Tasks: Time spent managing mundane tasks is time lost. hrPad automates routine processes for HR teams such as updating personal details, providing employees with their timecards, requesting leaves, and more. Employees get their time back for what matters while HR teams breathe a sigh of relief.

But this isn’t just about convenience; it’s about boosting morale and retention. When employees feel valued and empowered, they stay. AI-powered solutions like hrPad for UKG give them the tools they need to thrive, creating a positive and engaging work environment that keeps your talent happy and productive.

CloudApper hrPad seamlessly integrates with existing UKG HCM systems, helping leverage AI for workforce management. Tap into UKG’s full potential with hrPad and improve employee satisfaction and productivity with the power of AI.

Ready to take employee self-service to the next level with AI ? Try out CloudApper hrPad to improve employee engagement, reduce HR stress, and improve overall satisfaction.