Anyone in HR will agree that managing employee data and keeping it up to date is critical. However, the traditional process of repeatedly reaching out to HR personnel to update personal information is time-consuming and inefficient for both employees and HR teams. To address this issue and automate Human Capital Management (HCM) tasks, CloudApper AI offers a revolutionary Employee Self-Service (ESS) solution specifically designed for UKG/Kronos customers. With CloudApper’s AI-powered Employee Self-Service solution for UKG, organizations can automate HCM tasks by empowering their employees to update personal data.

Let’s explore how CloudApper ESS digitizes, automates, and simplifies HCM tasks and can do even more than that!

The Problem With Repeatedly Going to HR Personnel

In most traditional setups, employees need to rely on HR personnel to update personal information, such as addresses, phone numbers, emergency contacts, and more. This process is often time-consuming and inefficient, requiring employees to reach out to HR for even minor updates repeatedly. Furthermore, HR personnel can be overwhelmed with these requests, hindering their ability to focus on more critical tasks – disrupting productivity. As mentioned, UKG customers have a viable option to eliminate these issues and automate the process.

CloudApper’s Employee Self-Service Solution for UKG/Kronos

CloudApper AI’s ESS solution offers a game-changing approach to automating HCM tasks and updating employee data. By leveraging AI, the Employee Self-Service solution for UKG empowers workers to update personal information whenever necessary. This self-service capability streamlines the process and eliminates the need for constant involvement of HR personnel – freeing up their time so that they can focus on crucial tasks.

CloudApper’s ESS for UKG Makes Employee Data Updates Easier Than Ever Before

With CloudApper’s Employee Self-Service Solution for UKG, employees gain control over their personal data. They can conveniently update their addresses, phone numbers, emergency contacts, and any other required information using their phones easily and even via SMS for those that require it.

For instance, Joe wants to update his emergency contact. Before using CloudApper’s ESS solution, he’d have o go to the HR department and update it – he’d be provided with papers, and he’d need to fill them up, submit them, and wait – quite a long and cumbersome process.

With CloudApper’s Employee Self-Service Solution for UKG, all Joe needs to do is use whichever communication medium the organization uses for the solution (SMS, WhatsApp, email, Slack, etc.). Once contacted, the ESS solution will guide him through the process – it’s just as if Joe’s naturally interacting with a colleague!

But that’s not all – CloudApper’s Employee Self-Service Solution for UKG can be customized to meet any requirements.

CloudApper Notifies HR Personnel Regarding Employee Data Updates

CloudApper’s Employee Self-Service Solution for UKG can even be configured to inform HR personnel regarding employee data updates. From the previous example, once Joe submits the updated employee information, the solution will notify the assigned HR personnel regarding the change. This proactive approach ensures that HR teams are always updated with any changes and can take necessary actions promptly. By automating this notification process, CloudApper ESS facilitates effective communication between employees and HR, enhancing overall efficiency, ensuring data accuracy, and keeping records of changes.

Seamless Integration With UKG/Kronos

The best part is that CloudApper ESS seamlessly integrates with UKG/Kronos, allowing organizations to leverage their existing UKG solution and seamlessly pull employee data for use. This integration ensures that employee data remain synchronized across systems, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

Choose CloudApper’s Employee Self-Service Solution for UKG Now

CloudApper AI’s ESS solution for UKG/Kronos offers a powerful way to enable employees to update their personal data and automate HCM tasks. CloudApper ESS enhances efficiency, accuracy, and employee engagement by streamlining data updates and automating notifications for HR personnel. The seamless integration with UKG/Kronos ensures data synchronization, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry. Utilize the power of CloudApper AI’s ESS to revolutionize employee data management, empower employees, and optimize HR processes in your organization by contacting us now.