As technology advances, more and more businesses are adopting new ways of managing their employees and streamlining HR tasks. One of the latest advancements is CloudApper’s SMS-Based Employee Self-Service (ESS) solution for UKG customers. This innovative solution is a game-changer for HR management, offering a range of benefits that can help organizations improve their operations and increase efficiency.

CloudApper’s SMS-Based ESS Solution

At its core, CloudApper’s SMS-Based ESS solution is designed to simplify the processes of submitting punches, checking schedules, taking PTO, and more. With this fully customizable ESS solution, employees no longer need to log in to a mobile or web application. Instead, they can handle every HCM task through a natural SMS conversation. This makes it an ideal solution for organizations with employees who may not be tech-savvy or who may not have access to a computer or mobile device.

Why Use SMS-Based ESS Solution

Access Through SMS 

One of the key benefits of CloudApper’s SMS-Based ESS solution is that it allows UKG users to take advantage of UKG features through SMS. Employees can access different services by sending SMS messages to a designated number. With just a button tap, they can view their schedules and time cards, request time off, and perform other HCM tasks without the need for complex software. This simplifies these processes and improves employee satisfaction, which can reduce administrative burdens.

Streamlined Scheduling and Time Tracking

CloudApper’s SMS-Based ESS solution enables employees to access schedules and time cards anytime and anywhere. This means that employees can check their schedules and time cards from their mobile phones, making it easier for them to plan their workdays and keep track of their hours. This can help improve employee productivity and reduce absenteeism, which can ultimately lead to improved business performance.

PTO Requests

Another key benefit of CloudApper’s SMS-Based ESS solution is that it allows employees to check their accrual balances and submit PTO requests for desired days off. This can help organizations better manage their workforce and ensure that employees take the appropriate time off. Additionally, CloudApper’s solution lets employees know about open shifts and bid for them. This can help businesses fill staffing gaps more efficiently and improve employee scheduling flexibility.

Customizable and Easy to Use

CloudApper’s SMS-Based ESS solution is also designed to be easily and fully customizable. Businesses can tailor the solution to meet their specific needs and requirements, ensuring that it aligns with their existing HR processes and workflows. Additionally, CloudApper provides robust reporting and analytics tools, which can help organizations better understand their workforce and make informed decisions about HR management.


CloudApper’s SMS-Based ESS solution is a game-changer for HR management. It offers a range of benefits that can help organizations improve their operations and increase efficiency while improving employee satisfaction and reducing administrative burdens. With its fully customizable features and easy-to-use interface, this solution is ideal for UKG customers looking to streamline their HR processes and improve their bottom line.