Providing employees with mobile access to essential HR functions is becoming increasingly common to make processes easier and improve employee engagement. As a result, many organizations are utilizing mobile Employee Self-Service (ESS) solutions like those provided by UKG as a means to empower their workforce, allowing their employees to manage various HR tasks conveniently and efficiently. However, with this mobile convenience comes the challenge of ensuring accurate time capture and preventing time theft by employees who misuse mobile access to UKG software. Fortunately, CloudApper AI for UKG can easily eliminate this issue – it offers a robust solution that enables employees to access ESS on their mobile devices while effectively restricting them from submitting punches – let’s see how!

Why Employees Punch Submissions Using Smartphones Can Be a Challenge

Well, it’s not a problem when organizations want their employees to use their smartphones to submit punches to UKG. It becomes a challenge when the employees abuse the access by not only using the assigned functionality but also for other purposes, such as submitting employee punches. To put it more clearly, when organizations provide their employees with mobile access to UKG software for ESS, employees risk using their smartphones to clock in and clock out, bypassing the assigned time capture devices in the office premises. This situation can lead to employee time theft, where employees manipulate their work hours and submit inaccurate punch times, causing financial losses and eroding organizational efficiency. Without proper controls and restrictions, the ease of using smartphones can inadvertently become a source of fraudulent time submissions. However, CloudApper AI for UKG can help prevent all of this with its custom solutions.

CloudApper AI for UKG Provides Custom Solutions

CloudApper’s AI-powered solutions, including AI TimeClock and hrGPT, seamlessly integrate with UKG, offering a comprehensive approach to mitigate the risk of time theft while enabling mobile access to ESS. Here’s how organizations can leverage the power of CloudApper AI for UKG that cater to their specific needs and prevent misuse of mobile access.

AI TimeClock for UKG Ensures Time Capture Using Only Assigned Devices

CloudApper AI TimeClock is a custom employee time capture solution for UKG that can be configured to work only on the designated Android/iOS devices authorized by the organization. By restricting employee punch submissions to only these approved devices, organizations can prevent time theft and maintain accurate time capture records. This solution ensures that employees use the assigned time capture devices responsibly, eliminating the possibility of unauthorized punch submissions.

hrGPT for UKG Ensures Easy Employee Self-Service Using Mobile

CloudApper’s hrGPT solution seamlessly integrates with UKG, enabling employees to access ESS through natural language interactions on their mobile devices. Employees can inquire about policies, submit time-off requests, and manage their schedules with ease, promoting a positive and efficient employee experience. Moreover, CloudApper AI hrGPT for UKG can be configured to ensure that employees can only access ESS functionalities on their mobile devices, promoting proper usage, enhancing engagement, and preventing employee time theft.

CloudApper Provides Customized Solutions for UKG

The power of CloudApper AI for UKG lies in its ability to offer fully customizable solutions. Organizations can tailor the AI TimeClock and hrGPT functionalities to meet their specific requirements, allowing them to restrict or provide access to particular functionalities as per their needs. This customization ensures that the organization maintains complete control over employee time capture and ESS usage, creating a secure and productive work environment while improving employee engagement. Moreover, CloudApper provides a plethora of custom solutions for UKG – all of which can be configured to meet the customers’ unique needs.


With CloudApper AI for UKG, organizations can embrace the benefits of mobile access to ESS while effectively mitigating the risks associated with time theft. By combining AI TimeClock’s regulated time capture and hrGPT’s mobile ESS accessibility, organizations ensure accurate time records and empower employees with seamless HR interactions. The fully customizable solutions offered by CloudApper AI for UKG enable organizations to establish optimal controls and promote proper usage, enhancing efficiency, transparency, and employee engagement. Contact us now to learn more about how CloudApper AI can help make the most out of your UKG solutions easily.