Gone are the days of the traditional HR approach of managing employee data and tasks through manual processes and paper-based forms. Manual processes have always been time-consuming, error-prone, and costly. HR managers are typically inundated with administrative tasks that take up a significant portion of their time, leaving them with little time for anything else. As a result, when manual processes are involved, employees need help accessing important HR services and information, such as difficulty accessing schedules, checking time off balances, and submitting requests. With CloudApper Employee Self-service Solution for UKG, organizations can mitigate all these issues and simplify HCM tasks even without employees using the internet – let’s explore how.

An Overview of Employee Self-service Solutions

Employee Self-Service (ESS) solutions help employees perform various HR-related tasks on their own, such as updating information, checking their schedules, requesting time off, and even submitting punches. By enabling employees to manage their own data and handle routine HR tasks, ESS solutions reduce the workload of HR staff members and free up their time to focus on core strategic HR tasks.

However, what if an employee doesn’t have internet access, is unfamiliar with using complex ESS solutions, or isn’t tech-savvy? Don’t these issues render typical ESS solutions inconvenient? That’s where CloudApper’s SMS-based ESS solution comes in.

CloudApper Employee Self-service Solution for UKG

With CloudApper’s ESS solution, UKG customers can simplify and streamline HR processes, making it easier for employees to access important services. Moreover, employees can access the services without the internet as it utilizes SMS messaging. This also helps simplify employees who want to use the solution without any complexity or smartphones. Employees easily perform HCM tasks such as viewing schedules and timecards, requesting time off, submitting punches, and anything else required.

Our AI platform, CloudApper, can customize the entire solution quickly and easily – meeting the specific requirements of UKG customers.

Benefits of Using CloudApper ESS Solution for UKG

Employees Get Notified About Open Shifts

Moreover, CloudApper’s ESS solution also helps improve employee engagement by notifying employees about open shifts and allowing them to bid for them. This helps employees to take on additional shifts and responsibilities and earn more – leading to increased job satisfaction and a sense of ownership over their work.

Employees Submit Punches Easily

Another benefit of CloudApper’s ESS solution is that it simplifies the process of submitting punches. With our custom solution, employees don’t need to log in to any mobile or web application – every HCM task can be handled through a natural SMS conversation.

Workers Submit PTO Requests and More

CloudApper’s ESS solution also makes it easy for employees to check accrual balances and submit PTO requests for desired days off. This helps to simplify the process of requesting time off, making it easier for employees to manage their time off requests and for managers to approve them.

Workers Can Easily Claim Shifts

Finally, with CloudApper’s ESS solution, employees can easily claim shifts when other employees take time off. This helps to ensure that there is always adequate coverage and that shifts are covered, even when unexpected absences occur.

In conclusion, CloudApper’s SMS-based Employee Self-Service (ESS) Solution is a powerful tool that can help UKG customers simplify and streamline their HR processes, making it easier for employees to access important workplace services. By simplifying these processes, CloudApper helps to improve employee engagement, reduce administrative burdens, and increase job satisfaction. With CloudApper’s ESS solution, employees can access schedules and timecards, request time off, submit punches, and so much more – all without employees accessing the internet or smartphones!

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