Non-profit organizations are undeniably the backbone of our communities. They provide essential services, advocate for positive change, and make a real difference in the lives of countless individuals. As with any other organization, even running a successful non-profit comes with unique challenges. One critical area is Human Capital Management (HCM). Unlike for-profit businesses, non-profits often have limited resources and rely heavily on dedicated employees. However, these passionate individuals can become bogged down by multiple administrative tasks, hindering their ability to focus on the organization’s mission. Fortunately, a leading non-profit organization is already automating HCM processes with CloudApper hrGPT for UKG – let’s explore how.

The Need for HCM Transformation

Many non-profits are large organizations with complex workflows and a diverse workforce spread across different branches, cities, states, and even countries. Streamlining HCM processes through automation can free up considerable time and resources – allowing the employees to focus on the core mission. To meet the specific needs of non-profits, what’s needed are customizable, AI-powered solutions that can automate routine tasks and enhance communication between leadership and employees – something that CloudApper can help with.

That being said, let’s look at an example where a UKG customer chose CloudApper hrPad for UKG Pro to help them eliminate the issues they were facing – improving employee experience in the process.

Issues Faced by the Non-Profit Organization

The leading non-profit organization, a UKG Pro customer, has over 1,500 employees dedicated to promoting public health and well-being. Recognizing the potential of HCM automation, they embarked on a mission to transform the employee experience. Their specific goals were:

  • To implement an efficient system for disseminating important messages to various employee groups. Traditional methods like email blasts can be impersonal and ineffective, especially for a large and geographically dispersed workforce.
  • To establish a conversational text platform for two-way communication between employees and leadership. A one-way communication channel limits employee engagement and can hinder the flow of valuable ideas and feedback.
  • To create a system for easily grouping employees based on specific criteria like location or department. Non-profits often rely on volunteers with diverse skill sets. Grouping employees efficiently allows for better task allocation and project management.

The Solution: CloudApper hrGPT for UKG Pro

CloudApper, a certified UKG partner, has a custom solution that meets the UKG Pro customer’s requirements easily – hrGPT. CloudApper’s AI-powered platform seamlessly integrates with UKG Pro, Pro WFM (Dimensions), Ready, and WFC, offering a suite of customizable solutions designed to streamline HCM processes, boost productivity, reduce costs, and more. CloudApper. hrGPT leverages AI to transform communication and streamline workflows – here’s how it helps the UKG Pro customer:

One-Way Message Broadcasts

hrGPT allows administrators to create targeted messages and broadcast them to specific employee groups based on predefined criteria, such as location, department, or job role. Message templates can also be customized for flexibility and personalization. The UKG customer can easily send critical updates about a new health initiative to all employees working in field clinics or remind staff about upcoming events.

Conversational Text Platform

CloudApper hrGPT for UKG Pro facilitates two-way communication through a user-friendly text-based interface. Administrators can ask employees questions with predefined answer options, and the system can even trigger follow-up actions based on employee responses. The non-profit organization can conduct quick pulse surveys to gauge employee sentiment or even gather feedback on program effectiveness in real time! This not only saves time but also increases employee engagement by giving them a voice.

Employee Grouping

hrGPT simplifies workforce management by automatically grouping employees based on location, department, or any other relevant criteria. This allows for targeted communication and simplifies coordination within teams. For instance, hrGPT can automatically group nurses working in different clinics, allowing administrators to send targeted messages about new protocols or training opportunities.

Benefits of CloudApper hrGPT for UKG Customers

By leveraging CloudApper hrGPT, UKG customers gain access to a plethora of benefits that go beyond streamlining HCM processes:

Improved Communication

Streamlined message broadcasts and two-way communication channels keep employees informed, engaged, and feeling valued.

Increased Efficiency

Automating routine tasks like surveys and announcements frees up valuable HR resources that can be directed toward mission-critical activities.

Enhanced Employee Experience

A user-friendly solution empowers employees to stay connected, provide feedback, and feel like they are part of a larger community.

More Effective Resource Management

Automated employee grouping simplifies workforce management and resource allocation, ensuring the right people with the right skill sets are deployed to the most critical areas.

Empowering Non-Profits Through AI With hrGPT for UKG

CloudApper hrGPT is a powerful example of how artificial intelligence can be harnessed to transform the non-profit experience. UKG customers across all industries can leverage CloudApper’s custom AI-powered solutions to automate HCM processes, streamline communication, empower their workforce, and ultimately achieve their goals.

Unlock the full potential of your UKG solution with CloudApper and create a more efficient and employee-centric work environment. Contact CloudApper today to learn how we can boost your HCM processes and help you make the most out of your UKG solution.