As businesses navigate the world of HCM solutions, UKG stands out as a well-known provider offering a comprehensive set of HR solutions. Within the field of time management, UKG offers various time clock options, including the popular UKG InTouch DX. However, they offer limited customizations, which might not be the right choice for organizations. In this article, we will explore an alternative solution that provides enhanced flexibility and integration capabilities: CloudApper AI Time Clock. Let’s compare the features and benefits of CloudApper AI Time Clock with UKG InTouch DX to help you make an informed decision.

UKG InTouch VS CloudApper AI Time Clock

Device Dependency 

UKG InTouch DX is a time clock solution that operates on proprietary devices. This means businesses using UKG InTouch DX must invest in purchasing dedicated devices from UKG, which can incur additional costs. Furthermore, setting up and mounting the devices on walls adds complexity and expenditure. Ongoing maintenance is also required to ensure the proper functioning of the devices. These requirements contribute to the upfront expenses of implementing UKG InTouch DX as a time clock solution. The costs can escalate further for businesses with multiple locations or a large workforce, making it a less affordable option.


On the other hand, CloudApper AI Time Clock offers a more device-independent alternative. It leverages widely available iPads or tablets as the hardware for time clock operations. Businesses can utilize their existing devices or acquire affordable tablets, eliminating the need for dedicated and expensive proprietary devices. This significantly reduces the upfront expenses, making CloudApper AI Time Clock a more budget-friendly option for businesses of all sizes. Additionally, eliminating wall mounting and the simplified setup process further streamline the implementation and reduces associated costs.

Time Capture Modes

UKG InTouch DX provides three primary time capture modes: facial recognition, badge, and PIN. These options allow employees to clock in and out using their face, a badge, or by entering a personal identification number. While these methods offer some flexibility, they may not cater to all employees’ diverse needs and preferences. 

CloudApper AI Time Clock takes time capture to the next level by offering a wider range of options, including facial recognition,PIN entry, barcode/QR code scanning, and NFC. This extensive selection empowers employees to choose the time capture method best suits their comfort and convenience.

Employee Self-Service

CloudApper AI Time Clock revolutionizes the UKG employee self-service with its customizable features, empowering employees to take control of their schedules and HR-related tasks. With CloudApper AI Time Clock, employees can effortlessly access their schedules, request time off, and view their timesheets, all within a user-friendly interface. This self-service functionality allows employees to manage their time and attendance, reducing dependency on managers or HR personnel. 

In contrast, UKG InTouch DX offers limited employee self-service options. Employees may need to rely on their managers or HR personnel to access crucial HR information, including their schedules and timesheets. This can lead to delays in obtaining necessary information and potentially hinder productivity. 

Customization Options

Customization is a key factor in optimizing the time clock for businesses. CloudApper AI Time Clock offers extensive customization features that enable organizations to tailor the time clock to their specific requirements. With CloudApper AI Time Clock, businesses can create custom data fields, workflows, and reporting templates. 

On the other hand, UKG InTouch DX provides limited customization options, which may pose challenges for businesses with specific requirements or unique workflows. The inability to customize data fields, workflows, and reporting templates may result in businesses having to adapt their processes to fit the limitations of the time clock.

Cost Considerations

UKG InTouch DX requires businesses to invest in purchasing proprietary time clock devices. This upfront expense can be significant, especially for small to medium-sized businesses with limited budgets. In addition to the device cost, setup and installation expenses are also to consider. The proprietary device may require professional installation and configuration, adding to the overall cost. Furthermore, ongoing maintenance and support for the device can incur additional expenses over time, potentially straining the organization’s financial resources.

CloudApper AI Time Clock offers a more cost-effective alternative. Instead of requiring businesses to invest in a proprietary device, CloudApper AI Time Clock operates on readily available iPads or tablets. This eliminates the need for additional hardware investments and reduces upfront expenses. Most businesses already have iPads or tablets in their existing technology infrastructure, making it a more affordable option. CloudApper AI Time Clock also follows a subscription-based pricing model, offering an affordable monthly fee that can be budgeted easily. 


While UKG InTouch DX remains a reliable option for time clock solution, CloudApper AI Time Clock offers greater device independence and customization capabilities. With its extensive self-service features, multiple time capture modes, seamless integration with UKG, and cost-effective pricing, CloudApper AI Time Clock can be a great choice for businesses seeking an affordable clock solution. Contact us today to explore how CloudApper AI Time Clock can transform your time-tracking processes within the UKG ecosystem.