Managing timecards is a critical aspect of workforce management for any organization. Accurate time tracking is essential to ensuring fair compensation for employees and maintaining compliance with labor laws. UKG Time Clock Solutions offer a comprehensive platform for time tracking, but navigating through timecards can sometimes be complex and time-consuming. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of adding timecards in UKG Time Clocks, how to use CloudApper to streamline timecard viewing, and why CloudApper is the best time clock solution for UKG.

Use CloudApper to View Timecards in UKG

CloudApper seamlessly integrates with UKG to provide an efficient and user-friendly platform for employees to punch in and out, view timecards, and more. Here’s how employees can utilize CloudApper to view their timecards:

Access CloudApper
Employees can log in to CloudApper using any mobile device through the dedicated app. CloudApper can also be used in kiosk mode.

Navigate to Timecard Viewing
Once logged in, employees can easily locate the “Timecards” tile within the CloudApper interface. With a single click, they can access their timecards for the desired period.

Employee Verification
CloudApper will verify employees using face verification. The camera of the mobile device will be used to verify the employee.

View Timecard Details
CloudApper presents timecards in a clear and intuitive format, displaying hours worked, breaks taken, overtime hours, and other relevant details.

Best Time and Attendance Tracking Solution for UKGWhy Tablet-Based Clock is Superior to Wall-Mounted Clock

CloudApper’s time clock solutions are to offer better value than the traditional wall-mounted clocks provided by UKG. By leveraging existing tablets and smartphones, CloudApper’s solutions eliminate the need for expensive hardware investments. Moreover, the user-friendly interfaces and seamless integration with UKG ensure a smooth transition and improved employee experience. These benefits, coupled with cost-effectiveness and customizable features, make CloudApper’s tablet-based clock solutions a superior choice for organizations looking to enhance their time-tracking capabilities.

No Hardware Dependencies

One of the most apparent advantages of a tablet-based clock is the absence of hardware dependencies. Wall-mounted clocks require specific physical installations, which can be cumbersome and time-consuming. In contrast, tablet-based clocks can be effortlessly set up on any existing tablet or mobile device, eliminating the need for additional hardware investments.

Easy to Use

Tablet-based clocks are designed with user-friendliness in mind. Employees can simply use their tablets or smartphones to log in, punch in or out, and manage their time without any complexity. The intuitive interfaces of CloudApper’s time clock solutions make it a breeze for employees to track their time accurately, reducing errors and confusion.


Investing in wall-mounted clocks can be costly, especially when considering installation and maintenance expenses. Tablet-based clocks, on the other hand, leverage readily available devices, which significantly reduces costs. CloudApper’s time clock solutions offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional wall-mounted clocks, saving organizations both time and money.

Seamless Integration

CloudApper’s tablet-based clock solutions seamlessly integrate with UKG, offering a smooth and efficient time-tracking experience. The integration ensures that time and attendance data are accurately recorded and seamlessly synchronized with other HR systems. This real-time integration eliminates the need for manual data entry, saving time for HR professionals and reducing the chances of data discrepancies.

Customizable Features

CloudApper’s tablet-based clock solutions offer a range of customizable features to cater to the specific needs of each organization. From geofencing for location-based attendance tracking to facial recognition for enhanced security, these solutions can be tailored to align with the unique requirements of the business.

Viewing timecards using CloudApper is a vital part of managing workforce productivity and compliance. By integrating CloudApper with UKG, organizations can significantly enhance the employee experience, promote self-service, and streamline timecard management. With its user-friendly interface, real-time access, seamless integration, and customizable features, CloudApper stands out as the best time clock solution for UKG. Embrace the power of CloudApper to simplify timecard viewing and elevate your workforce management to new heights.